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  1. Agree. Clean house, good person, sexy. She is mature though...but I like it like that.
  2. I can’t answer this question directly, sorry, but I did go recentlyfor the first time and saw Susan and was impressed. I’m wondering if anyone might be able to PM me with any others that are worth seeing there? Perhaps I can indirectly answer some of the OPs questions as I have been to Ness a few times.
  3. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to publicly post, but I can tell you that Tina used to work elsewhere under a different name. PM if you're interested. She has been positively reviewed, and I have had positive and repeated visits to her.
  4. Best 4-hand for me was at the old Balmoral location which is now closed. I had two 4H experiences there. It was (I believe) one of the girls that now works on Pembina (not 3000), Jenny? I had two with her. The first time it was her and a larger lady. The larger lady was super into it and had mad "massage" skills. The second time she had a younger, cute girl who seemed reserved until the end. I never had seen either the larger lady or the younger girl before or since,. Both times were divine. Sorry for the memory laning. More recently, but still dated, I've had a 4-hand at 712 and it was more like 1 hand - 1 phone / 1 hand - 1 phone. That was shortly after they first opened. Don't know if they've improved or not. I would literally pay $$$$s for Rona (retired) and Sunny....well, if I was in the mood, that is lol. If anyone has any info on a must experience 4-hand please PM me.
  5. Yes, there is but I cannot recommend her. If you would like to know more, PM me.
  6. All good advice here but I would like to add some unsolicited advice to the OP starting out new and that is this: Massages with beautiful women with (sometimes) happy endings can be very habit forming, addictive, and very expensive over the long haul. I think back to how much I've spent over the last 7 or 8 years and I basically could have a nice SUV paid off and sitting in the driveway. Set limits and stick to them.
  7. Anyone recommend a place like 561 Broadway before the ownership change? It used to be a bit more extra extra but now seems fairly bland... or at least my two sessions since...PM me and in return I’ll give u my intel
  8. The best ever was Rona. She had an apartment down Pembina way. *sigh*
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