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  1. There is never anyone in the valley… Honestly, if a lady was to set up a discrete incall there she would be as busy as she wanted to be.
  2. Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off This keeps you off “Find My iPhone” until you turn it back on. Reduces awkward conversations with your wife as to why you were at Hotel X for 2 hours that afternoon when you were supposedly golfing. Airplane mode also does this, but you won’t get texts or calls.
  3. I feel this thread should be removed. No need to name incall locations this blatantly.
  4. Well, that wouldn’t be bad at all. Those pics are smoking 🔥
  5. Are you concerned she might not be 18? Otherwise, she is an adult doing adult things.
  6. Then I get to book you for 10am December 1st...😁
  7. Those pics set my phone on fire 🔥
  8. Bella hasn’t advertised in quite a while. Basically nobody in the Valley atm. Some ads pop up occasionally on LL but most are obvious fake ads looking for a “deposit”
  9. Two hours free if she’s fake. What a deal! Lol
  10. I just imagined this interview with her voice 💕 She’s just a terrific woman, and I can’t wait to hang out again. @SarahAlexxx
  11. I have seen her in the past. She was a lovely lady, around 40 and a bit rough around the edges but very professional. Haven’t seen her in over a year and I think she is no longer working as an SP. And her phone number doesn’t seem to work anymore.
  12. Humbug. Instagram is locked but she accepted my request and many photos are the same as her LL ad (no nudes though). Fake pics of any kind are a bit of a red flag for sure. She’d probably ask me for a deposit by E-transfer if I tried to book....
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