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  1. smeagol


    Erin, You look so beautiful.
  2. Hi sexy thanks for checking out my profile . Hope to meet you soon :) don't be shy and send me a message 

    1. NatashaCouture777


      Here is my sexy pic to u :)  


    2. smeagol


      Thanks for the sexy pic 😍 you look so beautiful 

    3. NatashaCouture777


      Thanks  hunny bunny love to hear more about you 

  3. smeagol

    Natural or Shaved

    I don’t mind either, but to be honest I prefer more natural over completely smooth and bare
  4. Find myself relating to much of what was said here. Love my wife but our sex life is almost nonexistent at the moment although I try she is not interested. Find myself here researching options and looking but have not gotten the courage, still want to faithful to my wife, to do much more.
  5. Thanks for this post was wondering out this
  6. smeagol

    Rank shows New Member?

    Thanks for this post was wondering how one gets out of the moderated stage
  7. Hello there sexy :) I am Natasha 


    1. smeagol


      Hi  Natasha.   You look so beautiful in this picture would love to see more of you 🙂

    2. NatashaCouture777


      Thanks babe u can text me at 6133045035 anytime and I send you some more sexy pics . Hope to hear from you soon 

  8. smeagol

    Promiscuous Rendezvous

    Hi Emily love the picture your so very beautiful and sexy
  9. smeagol

    thumbnail_WFY02599_1 (Copy).jpg

    Love the pictures and your sexy curves Jessica