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    Hey all! I consider myself an open book, so anything you wanna ask about me... please feel free to send me a message!
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    Just a middle aged guy that likes to hobby a little here and there. Just moved to Moncton!

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  1. I have to give Amie two thumbs up as well... Went to see her Friday afternoon, and like everyone else has stated, nice location, great atmosphere, she is very good looking, and the massage itself was bliss (I seriously could have fallen asleep it was so relaxing) She wasn't as talkative as others have stated, which is ok, and I was pleased with the extras she offered, even though I was not expecting of the sort. Only thing that would be a "minus" is that the session was kind of short (around 40 mins), but that could be just because it was a long time since I have "indulged" Pretty sure I am going to see her again.
  2. Gotta admit... I've been on self-isolation for 3 &1/2 weeks (2 weeks from being out of the country, then I started showing symptoms... got tested and fortunately tested negative... but my work will not allow me to go back to the office until I am 14 days SYMPTOM FREE) so needless to say that am bored out of my tree trunk! Mentally I have been hanging on, keeping up wife and I busy watching movies and Netflix. Hope everyone else is doing well!!! ~ Dom
  3. You mind PM'ing some details about Catherine... I have contacted her a couple times, but never pulled the trigger!
  4. As a cancer survivor myself (15 years clear) I can tell you that you will have ZERO issues. (and the cancers I had you could say might matter doing this!) I know the feeling zoneman!
  5. Well... I always tell people that I am pretty boring... I hardly drink, don't smoke or do any drugs... other than the fact I am married... I behave most of the time. 😛
  6. Well... I am originally from the States.... so I'll plead the 5th.. 🤐
  7. <ponder> ...somehow *I* passed these checks??? Amazing.... Miracles CAN happen! ~D
  8. How are you able to do this cross-reference to other sites? I have seen others's do it when I was in Ontario and it would be helpful in future endeavors! PM me if you'd rather keep this offline! xoxo ~D
  9. ... that you have yet to experience? Ok ok.... first off, reading this aloud make this sound like I'm advertising something... I can assure I am not! (and if you knew me, you wouldn't buy it 😛 😛 😛 ) But I am serious... I am curious to hear about things/fantasies/experiences any of you WANT to do/happen, but for whatever reason, it just has not happened for you (yet). I most likely will share a couple of mine, but I would like to hear from some of you ladies and gentlemen first!!! ~D
  10. FINALLY after moving to the Moncton area from Ontario, I took Ice4Fun's recommendation and started an open line of communication with Katie, and after much careful planning, we finally met this past Friday night. I am not going to kiss and tell, but I will say that she made me very comfortable (being a novice hobby-er) and she is extremely easy to chat with as well! I know I will get a chance to have another rendezvous with her, hopefully sooner than later! ~D
  11. OMG!!! How come I did not think of this the other night!!
  12. Hey all, Don't know why I wanted to post this, but here goes: Just wanted to ask everyone what is your most favourite thing you like to when you with a companion (besides the obvious)... I am very chit-chatty (not dirty talk per se), and I like a lot of kissing and DFK. Looking forward to hear what you ladies and gentlemen say.... ~Dom
  13. Hey all.... I know I am pretty new here but I always like to know if there are any other members here that have survived or defeated cancer! I know that cancer can be a grim topic but I would love to see if anyone else here, like myself, have stared cancer in the face an emerged victorious! You don't want to share what kind of cancer it was if you don't want to. Thanks! ~Dom
  14. I am with you there Ice, although I know of a perfect place to conceal it that the wife has zero access to. Dealing with apps and crap like that would be more risky cause she likes to play around with my phone... 😛 Noted!!! Are you free??? (j/k for now!) 😛 😛 😛 Again noted! (In fact I just filled out bits of my bio as well!) Thanks!
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