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  1. cameragoods


    Great to hear all the positive remarks. Will surely visit with her soon then ! Thanks !! Does Maritime Studios have a website ?
  2. cameragoods

    Lovely Janice

    Interesting :) May have to make an appointment !
  3. cameragoods


    I agree 100 % They're both VERY attentive, accommodating and amazing companions. I will surely visit BOTH of them in the near future !!!
  4. cameragoods

    Emily Rushton

    VERY well said ! I COMPLETELY agree !
  5. cameragoods

    Emily Rushton

    She's fantastic ! I met with Emily a couple times, she's professional, non-judgemental, engaging and entertaining. I promise she'll make you feel at ease (in more ways than one). I will definitely visit with her again when scheduling allows :)
  6. cameragoods

    Fredericton Ladies

    I would also love to have info on ... Sarah & Kelly https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_sweet_tiny_sarah_updated_pictures-4128050 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_new_here_classy_stunning_upscale_providerreal_pic_n-4689430
  7. cameragoods


    I STRONGLY agree !
  8. cameragoods


    OMG !! I would love to try those bra and panties on :)
  9. cameragoods

    Jessica - Fredericton

    I'm skeptical but also VERY interested :)
  10. cameragoods

    Clara fton

    I would also be very interested 🙂
  11. Well, they're not mine LOL
  12. cameragoods

    The Real Megan

    sadly I didn't get to visit with her, she had to reschedule her dates and I won't be able to catch up with her when she's in Fredericton.
  13. cameragoods

    Scarlett melody Fredericton

    I second that, we're visual people !
  14. cameragoods


    You're stunning ! Do you ever find your way to Fredericton ?
  15. cameragoods

    The Real Megan

    I have pre-booked an appointment with her, can't wait ! I'm eager to meet her :)