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  1. JohnnieBB


  2. JohnnieBB


    Anyone seen her yet? Looking to book!
  3. Are there any ladies in edmundston or grandfalls? Please pm me of you guys know of anyone!
  4. JohnnieBB


    Has anyone seen her recently? Any info?
  5. Any reputable duos in fredericton? Looking to indulge!
  6. Just wonder if she is legit or not? And if anyone's had an experience? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/shemale-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_visiting_nov_14_16_only_no_1_requested_ladyboy-5660385
  7. JohnnieBB


    Trying to get a hold of her but no such luck.... 😔
  8. JohnnieBB

    Jenna Fredericton

    Yess she is real!
  9. JohnnieBB

    sexy Lexi in Fredericton

    Looking for some answers still. Want details. Please pm me!
  10. JohnnieBB

    sexy Lexi in Fredericton

    Anyone have any info? PM me if you prefer please!
  11. JohnnieBB

    Miss Shakoya Rains

    Has anyone seen her? PM please!
  12. JohnnieBB


    True that! I'm assuming this is a fake account and more then likely the provider herself as her leolist posts show this recommendation in her pictures right after it was written. But yet I've never seen her on here to have any involvement in the community.
  13. JohnnieBB


    Good luck, people are seeing these ladies and giving no information. I've asked this question multiple times and have yet to get any feedback.
  14. JohnnieBB

    Magic Molly in Fredericton

    I'd like to know as well!