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    Hello, i will be leaving Lyla.ch from January 30th until March 1st 2020 because the mods wants to "watch over me" even though i didnt do anything wrong or against any rules (heck just common sense or community wise). I might think about permenatly leaving the site after my return if i keep getting targeted by mods like this for no reason.
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    Hello, i will be leaving Lyla.ch from January 30th until March 1st 2020

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  1. Milflover99


    You should upload more pics here hun 😉
  2. Milflover99

    Your such a bad little princess! 😈😈😈
  3. Milflover99

    Eden in Moncton/dieppe?

    Yes i have and she is 100% legitamite and an amazing service provider with top notch and above and beyond services! 😀
  4. Does anyone know if Sweet Vanessa from lyla/leolist in the Moncton area is still around and active? i havent seen her post on leolist or here in a long time and not sure if she is still around the area or active at all. Does anyone know her profile name here by anychance? i cant seem to find her. the only thing i can find on google is a a few of her older ads dating from around march-august of 2018. Here is one of them: https://escortfish.ch/photos/view/506-961-6617 (P.S: Ive tried the phone number and ive still got no answer or reply)
  5. Milflover99

    Miss Shakoya Rains

    Anyone send me a PM if you have any info on her!
  6. I was about to book a outcall session with this "Emma" SP, and turns out i think she tried to bait and switch me, either that or she's a fake. First i was going to etransfer her the donations (which i would have not done anyways) i ended up telling her later on that i wanted to do upfront instead of etransfer instead because i was able to get some. And as im telling her this she says and i quote "Oh okay! That would have been easier for me haha", bingo Red flag!! If it was easier for her to get the donations that way that means she wanted me to give her the password for ths transfer before we even meet (which she thought that i was going to do that, which i wasnt at all i would have waited until she came over). And on top of that earlier in the convo she told me that she doesnt have autodeposit for etransfer (which why would she need to tell me that? as if she tried to make me feel more safe, yeah right). Then when we agreed upon a time for her to come over, she never showed up on time, im still waiting a reply from her which i dont think ill be getting any replies from her again. Ended up just telling her that she wasted my time and told her why would she not come over if i was giving her donations upfront. Nothing added up in the end and im quite pissed about it. This is why we need to weed out all of these fakes/bait&switches more so we dont have to deal with this shit. Be careful out there fellow hobbyist, this was another lesson for me and everyone. Here is her leolist ad (please flag/report her ad): https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_moncton_outcall_busty_beauty_fun_flirty-4636847 P.S: Yes i know i should have checked here on lyla.ch to see if she had any recos or any info on her to begin with, but i took a hunch and went for it which i guess cost me time and patience.
  7. Milflover99

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    No not that i have seen the last time i saw her, but zoneman has a different opinion on her i guess. Hey everyone has different tastes, maybe she wasnt what he was looking for. And that is perfectly fine 👍
  8. Milflover99

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    Yes she is still around the Moncton area for now, i have seen her a few times in the past few weeks and she is amazing as usual 🙂 i can atest for it 👌😁
  9. Milflover99

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    Yes she is still around the Moncton area for now, i have seen her a few times in the past few weeks and she is amazing as usual 🙂 i can atest for it 👌😁
  10. Milflover99

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    She is real, but there are alot of fakes and posers trying to bait and switch people into thinking its really her by either posting in other cities or as a other name with the same pictures, thats also why so many people got confused if she was legit or not. I have seen the real Eden many times and i can appeal to say she is real and she is great at what she does! If you are in the Moncton area dont be shy to give her a text or call! 👌
  11. Milflover99

    Eden Blonde Bombshell

    yeah now i know what you mean by the mods and other users dont seem to agree with me, also she goes by Edie instead of Eden now. But yeah she is amazing and people are just wasting thier time arguing while they could at least give her a try and go see her, she's soooo worth the time and $$ spent! 😉
  12. Milflover99


    I dont care what anyone says, that might not be her in the photos but it's quite close actually lol. She choses to do this because she wants to hide her identity and thats perfectly fine with me i understand where she is coming from. She's just using the photos from that model since its the closest looking girl to her. And i have seen Edie once and she is almost looking like that bombshell! Very gorgeous girl and super friendly! Please dont hesitate to see her, i have a feeling she will get more positive feedback soon enough! P.S: And yes she does have curves and boobs that big, they are amazing, she is amazing 😉
  13. Milflover99

    Eden Blonde Bombshell

    Same here, ive been trying to find a review/recommendation here on lyla and i cant seem to find even just 1 of her, she's only mentioned in the discusion posts like this one and thats it. One of us might have to TOFTT and go see her for a session so we can write her a reco.
  14. Milflover99


    Has anyone seen Sasha in Moncton? Her ads look pretty legit but id like to be sure and know if anyone has taken the time to see her? Here is her leolist ad: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_80hh_incall_special_sweet_like_candy_new_number-4028246
  15. Milflover99

    Berlin Moss in Moncton

    Moncton does have a bigger population and lots of reputable SPs here too so that helps and is probably why more come and settle down here.