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  1. BigBud

    Brass ladies

    I’m very biased towards Brass myself and was also too shy too just walk in at the beginning. I have 2 suggestions form you: (1) text the receptionist via the website (there is always one there when the club is open) and tell her what sort of experience you’re looking for as well as what sort of lady you’d like to have it with - all the receptionists there are excellent at doing their best to arrange the best session they can for you. (2) Once you’ve spoken to Brass Club reception (or beforehand if you want to), contact a few hostesses via Twitter, introduce yourself, and tell them what you’re looking for. Each lady will tell you realistically whether she *may* be comfortable with what you ask. Brass operates under MA rules, and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy Brass - one of the many awesome spas we’re lucky to have in Ottawa.
  2. BigBud


    Does anyone know where some ladies from Barbs have gone now that the club has closed? I’m thinking of Annabelle, Juicy, Jessica, Claire, etc. I’d love to reconnect with them again but don’t have their handles here or on Twitter... 
  3. Does anyone know where some ladies from Barbs have gone now that the club has closed? I’m thinking of Annabelle, Juicy, Jessica, Claire, etc. I’d love to reconnect with them again but don’t have their handles here or on Twitter...
  4. There are already several ladies who work both at Barbs and MA spas. I won’t name them to protect their privacy.
  5. The closest club to Barbs is Barefax, so I suspect that for many guys, that would be the most convenient alternative to Barbs.
  6. BigBud


    Dropped into Barbs yesterday afternoon and was greeted shortly afterwards by Juicy - always a lot of fun. After a drink or 2 she led me to the CR, where she sure didn’t disappoint.
  7. BigBud

    MA with nice breasts

    I couldn't agree more with Greenteal - breasts truly make an incredibly sensual bodyslide when used in the right way by a lady during an intensely pleasurable massage.
  8. BigBud


    I assume [and hope] he meant he wants to give oral to the lady (daty) - oral from the lady is not part of the typical MA experience. If he's looking for that experience, he should consider contacting an SP. its worth remembering that although many MAs do DFK as part of GFE, all elements of the GFE are completely dependent on the lady's comfort (YMMV).
  9. BigBud

    Kelly Price on LL

    I met Kelly at the club. She's DDG and very sweet too. Great GFE massage and extremely sensual. Pics are definitely hers.
  10. BigBud

    Best Mileage

    'Mileage' is one of those things that is really hard to quantify. I'd say - in the context of SCs - that one probably has the best treatment when you honestly treat a lady as a person you'd like to get to know. I was at an Ottawa SC yesterday, where I met a totally gorgeous lady for the first time - I'd never seen her before. I asked her to join me at a table, but she said she had to leave soon, so we went directly upstairs to the CR. She told me she didn't like being touched very much, but after a little playful chat, she decided she could have a bit of fun, and did we ever! No rules were broken during the time we were together and nobody was ever at risk of getting into trouble, but she gave me a truly sensual experience. I haven't asked her if I can talk about this, so I won't name the club or the lady. The point is, ladies in SCs - and in fact all SWs - are people doing a job, and their job requires them to get very close to people they don't know literally at all, and to act as if they're enjoying it. Treat the ladies with respect and honour their dignity and they'll be more likely to actually enjoy what they're doing in the moment. If that's the case, if you're lucky, they'll treat you the way you'd like to be treated - and maybe even have some fun!
  11. BigBud

    LL ads for asians

    Agree with Phaedrus - the reputable spas in Ottawa use real pics on their websites. I've never been to an Asian agency - they are renowned for fake pics and bait and switch - so no thanks.
  12. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've gone at different times (early / late afternoon, evening, later at night, weekday / weekend) over the past month or so, and there has literally never been anyone sitting at the table upstairs to take money from me.
  13. BigBud


    Totally with you, KB - many of the women at Barbs are gorgeous - thinking of Lacey, Jessica, Pandora, Stacey, Seven, Gabriella, Enigma, Jada, etc., to name but a few. I can't think of a better way to spend an hour with a beer...
  14. BigBud

    Massage first?

    There are ladies working at spas around town who are literally all about giving a really great massage - many of whom do not provide extras. You could contact the spas and speak with them and tell them what you're looking for. They'll definitely be able to tell you who there can provide an 'almost RMT' session. Another approach would be to find a lady you like and ask her directly whether what you're looking for is something she provides. Good luck!
  15. BigBud


    Other than Fri afternoons, does anyone know when Lacey works? Does she have a schedule she follows regularly, or is her presence intermittent? I'd love to see he again!