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  1. Totally see where you're coming from on this. There are many MAs who for many reasons - at least some of the time - don't give a 'decent massage with some sensuality thrown in' as I would define it either. Whether it's because that's what they think clients want or what they've been trained to do by others - or just what they end up doing in the moment, who can say. My advice is always to be respectful and tell each lady you meet what sort of session you're looking for (ideally beforehand, via social media), and then chat with her in the room or over a drink prior to going in. And stick with ladies you click with. I like meeting new ladies regularly too, but if I really want what I want, if you know what I mean, I go to ladies I have strong chemistry with and can really relax from the get go without having to try. Good luck - this is an amazing hobby.
  2. BigBud


    On a positive note, I dropped in at Barbs yesterday afternoon and met Lacey for the first time. She's wonderful to talk to and even better in the CR. Looks like I may have to become more of a regular again!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the follow Big Bud! 🙂

    1. BigBud


      Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon, beautiful Luxe!

  4. BigBud

    Notes from old site?

    Thanks - I guess 'following' is the new 'friending' in the land of Lyla...
  5. BigBud


    I guess Claire has gone for good then (?). I'll miss her too, but wish her the best of the best of luck!
  6. BigBud


    Did Claire leave Barb's, or did she leave the industry? - temporarily or for good? I had some great CR sessions with her in the past ... hmmmmm, memories...
  7. BigBud

    Notes from old site?

    What happened to 'friends' from the old site? I had many and now I can't find them in my profile.
  8. BigBud


    I'm sure the questions has been answered somewhere on here before, but could someone explain (via PM) what the 'upstairs' at Play Mate is and what happens there? Thanks in advance.
  9. BigBud


    I went to Nuden once a few years ago and had an OK (6/10) time. Are the CRs any more private than they used to be? I recall there being a few hot ladies but nowhere really to go for dances that pretty much anyone else could watch too.
  10. There was a girl named Jordyn who used to work at Tease - does anyone know whether she's still around and where?
  11. BigBud

    Pigale's dancers

    It's been literally years (like 10) since I've been to Pigale's. Has it changed? What are the CR 'rules' now? PM me if you'd like.
  12. BigBud

    Barefax review

    Yup, Sally is still there - weekday day shifts, mostly. I saw her there on Wednesday afternoon.
  13. BigBud


    It has been many months since I'd darkened the door at Barbs, so I stepped in to see how things were yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. It was - expectedly - very quiet, with 5 girls working and I think 5 guys. Luckily for me, Pandora, came off stage shortly after my drink arrived, saw me and came right over for a chat. After comparing our summers, she led me by the hand to have what turned out to be an incredibly seductive visit in th CR. Let's just say she remains one of my faves at Barbs...
  14. BigBud


    I met Adrianna yesterday - beautiful lady and a pleasure to chat with on a bloody hot afternoon... Yessir, she's great company inside and outside the CR.
  15. BigBud

    Barefax review

    Yup, Filmore's is in a class of its own when it comes to the CR. I haven't been there in years, and have never even asked about the full menu, but I understand it's extensive to say the least.