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  1. I haven’t been to the Mate - or any other SC - in a couple of years at least - approximately how many ladies are usually there at the mate on weekday early afternoons? Thanks for any intel!
  2. Does anyone know what time the fax actually opens these days? I’ve seen noon, 2 pm and 8 pm. I’m more of a daytime guy - if it’s open, is it worth going before 8 pm anyway - if at all with remaining restrictions? If anyone had any intel on any of the ladies, I’d appreciate that too - I haven’t been since before the pandemic and so feel totally out of touch.
  3. You’d better be sitting down when the door opens because you’ll be spellbound by the stunning model who walks through the door. @AudreyBrass1 is simply gorgeous - from the top of her head to all the way down to her toes. She’s the kind of lady most guys would be too shy to talk to... seriously, she could be a European model - she’s that beautiful. I had been following Audrey for a while on Twitter and finally bit the bullet and DMd her. A little while later, this sweet message appeared in my inbox - from her! Well, I had to book with her and when my schedule allowed me to, I contacted the club and booked a session. She is - as I’ve already said - beyond stunning to look at ... from every angle. She’s also a wonderful conversationalist and, almost too good to be true, she’s *very* sensual - all within MA limits. What an experience! From the gentle to overtly playful caressing of each other in the shower before and after, to the incredibly steamy massage (with body slides to die for) to the crescendo release... what an experience! My hour with Audrey was over waaaay too quickly (I’ll book twice that time next time), and I was out the door with another amazingly sensual kiss. And. Can. She. Kiss. Wow... Can’t wait until my next Audrey experience. If it’s not obvious already, I highly recommend this amazing lady. Treat her well and have fu
  4. I ‘met’ Amber via the Brass Club website. I found her curves and lips attracted me and so messaged her on Twitter. She responded quickly and we chatted for a couple of weeks back and forth prior to our session. We had discussed expectations and much else prior to the encounter so we were both comfortable and relaxed meeting. What i was amazed at was how beautiful Amber is in person. She literally glows sensuality and sex appeal. All our fun was within MA limits and there was never any discussion of going further - but being with her was an incredible experience. She has a sexy smile and fantastic curves in all the right places. She’s a great kisser and had me turned on from the moment our lips met... She is also an amazingly talented erotic masseuse - she knew how to touch every part of my body and to simultaneously relax and excite as she goes. I had an ecstatic finish and we lay on the bed and chatted for a while I ‘recovered’. I highly recommend a session with this stunning lady. Treat her - and every lady - with respect, and reap the reward: an amazing sensual experience...
  5. I’m very biased towards Brass myself and was also too shy too just walk in at the beginning. I have 2 suggestions form you: (1) text the receptionist via the website (there is always one there when the club is open) and tell her what sort of experience you’re looking for as well as what sort of lady you’d like to have it with - all the receptionists there are excellent at doing their best to arrange the best session they can for you. (2) Once you’ve spoken to Brass Club reception (or beforehand if you want to), contact a few hostesses via Twitter, introduce yourself, and tell them what you’re looking for. Each lady will tell you realistically whether she *may* be comfortable with what you ask. Brass operates under MA rules, and with that in mind, I hope you enjoy Brass - one of the many awesome spas we’re lucky to have in Ottawa.
  6. I could not agree more with this excellent recommendation for Maryah. She is without a doubt one of the most sensual, beautiful, sexy and utterly delicious MAs in Ottawa. She’s beyond amazing and only @TheBrassClub.
  7. Does anyone know where some ladies from Barbs have gone now that the club has closed? I’m thinking of Annabelle, Juicy, Jessica, Claire, etc. I’d love to reconnect with them again but don’t have their handles here or on Twitter... 
  8. Does anyone know where some ladies from Barbs have gone now that the club has closed? I’m thinking of Annabelle, Juicy, Jessica, Claire, etc. I’d love to reconnect with them again but don’t have their handles here or on Twitter...
  9. For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting Fallon Noelle at CMJ, what are you waiting for? This is a lady of singular charm and appeal. I had a wonderful session with her at the downtown location a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to pen a review of this remarkable hostess ever since. Fallon enters - I should say floats into - the room with her wonderfully disarming smile. Her vibe is one of relaxation and pleasure to come ... who can possibly withstand it? Her fingers literally started dancing all over me from the moment we met, sending tingles of pleasure to every part of my body. My fingers did the same to her as our lips met ... and so to the shower for slippery, slidy cleaning and caressing one body to another. On the massage table, the dance continued ever more intensely until the finish - all within MA limits of course - was nothing less than a great crescendo of pleasure erupting... and she was wet too... Back to the shower for more caressing and washing away of intermingled excitement and perspiration, mixed with the sweetest yet most intense of kisses... I dressed quickly for I had overstayed my time, and Fallon took me by the hand, kissed me deeply and led me to the door. Another pressing of bodies against the wall - another deep kiss and then that wonderfully disarming smile once more bidding made farewell until we meet again. ... And we certainly will.
  10. There are already several ladies who work both at Barbs and MA spas. I won’t name them to protect their privacy.
  11. The closest club to Barbs is Barefax, so I suspect that for many guys, that would be the most convenient alternative to Barbs.
  12. Dropped into Barbs yesterday afternoon and was greeted shortly afterwards by Juicy - always a lot of fun. After a drink or 2 she led me to the CR, where she sure didn’t disappoint.
  13. I couldn't agree more with Greenteal - breasts truly make an incredibly sensual bodyslide when used in the right way by a lady during an intensely pleasurable massage.
  14. I assume [and hope] he meant he wants to give oral to the lady (daty) - oral from the lady is not part of the typical MA experience. If he's looking for that experience, he should consider contacting an SP. its worth remembering that although many MAs do DFK as part of GFE, all elements of the GFE are completely dependent on the lady's comfort (YMMV).
  15. I met Kelly at the club. She's DDG and very sweet too. Great GFE massage and extremely sensual. Pics are definitely hers.
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