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  1. BigBud

    LL ads for asians

    Agree with Phaedrus - the reputable spas in Ottawa use real pics on their websites. I've never been to an Asian agency - they are renowned for fake pics and bait and switch - so no thanks.
  2. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've gone at different times (early / late afternoon, evening, later at night, weekday / weekend) over the past month or so, and there has literally never been anyone sitting at the table upstairs to take money from me.
  3. BigBud


    Totally with you, KB - many of the women at Barbs are gorgeous - thinking of Lacey, Jessica, Pandora, Stacey, Seven, Gabriella, Enigma, Jada, etc., to name but a few. I can't think of a better way to spend an hour with a beer...
  4. BigBud

    Massage first?

    There are ladies working at spas around town who are literally all about giving a really great massage - many of whom do not provide extras. You could contact the spas and speak with them and tell them what you're looking for. They'll definitely be able to tell you who there can provide an 'almost RMT' session. Another approach would be to find a lady you like and ask her directly whether what you're looking for is something she provides. Good luck!
  5. BigBud


    Other than Fri afternoons, does anyone know when Lacey works? Does she have a schedule she follows regularly, or is her presence intermittent? I'd love to see he again!
  6. BigBud

    Sensual massage xo

    I agree with Phaedrus - I've never met either lady, but they don't look like the same person to me either.
  7. BigBud


    After seeing her just a couple of times, Jessica is becoming one of my faves at Barbs. Treat her well, gents!
  8. BigBud


    Spent some amazing time with Jessica in the CR this afternoon - wow, gents... just wow!
  9. BigBud


    Fully agree about Jessica, KB. I met her a few days ago and enjoyed her company, etc., immensely.
  10. BigBud

    Senior Member

    Thanks gents - I'll send a note to mod.
  11. BigBud

    Senior Member

    Thanks - appreciate your help.
  12. Hi - just wondering how many posts I need to become a senior member of this community? Do I need to ask specifically / do something? Or is it automatic? Thanks.
  13. BigBud


    I had another wonderful CR encounter with Lacey today - really what I needed to end the work week. She's definitely a keeper!
  14. BigBud

    East Indian Inara Shah

    Thanks - she looks really beautiful in her pics. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.
  15. BigBud


    And what are the 'viewing rooms'? I've never been there. PM me if it's more appropriate. Thanks in advance.