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  1. Cannot comment on Briana as I have never seen her... However, I saw Rose fairly recently and had a splendid time.
  2. Reached out trying to get some further details..apparently was too busy to give me the time of day. Obv i moved on. Not sure if this is typical with this provider, but was not a good first impression for me.
  3. Have to agree... really slim pickings out there.
  4. Curious if anyone has any insight? Thanks.
  5. Since there was no.information forthcoming I decided to find out myself with a short visit. Pm me if you want the details.
  6. Been out of the local scene for a bit. Just wondering if anyone has any intel on this provider?
  7. Hi I will be in Winnipeg in a couple weeks for a short stay and looking for any SP recommendations. I am staying at a hotel downtown so would need outcall. I took a look on LL but wow a little overwhelming- dont even know where to start lol. Can anyone help? would appreciate it!
  8. Ya havent seen or heard anything about her in a long while..
  9. Toftt - saw Skylar services as discussed no issues her pics are of her.
  10. Dont think she is around at the moment
  11. Have seen her a couple times. Mature and no drama or problems with booking. Good visits, safe, fairly quiet and discreet location.
  12. If u end up seeing her would definitely be interested in some info.. I made contact a couple times and she seems legit but i just never got a chance to work out a time to see her- thats on me though not her as i have a busy schedule.
  13. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/t-bays-favorite-bombshell-coming-this-week/30035964 An all time fave here in Thunder Bay guys. I know im not going to miss out!
  14. Ya i would be very leery of giving any sort of deposit unless it was required by a very reputable lady with stellar reviews who only required it on a first visit. Most all other situations are scams.
  15. while I totally agree with your sentiment that they should not get any donation in a bait and switch situation, sometimes it is just easier to do so in order to avoid any confrontation/drama and make a quick exit.
  16. Finally was able to connect. Had a good time.
  17. Do you happen to have a link? cant seem to find Additional Comments: found it...
  18. Tried to make contact in past but received very vague answers to my questions followed by silence so I just stayed away. Would also be interested in any further info.
  19. http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/young-tight-and-fun-staci-is-back-in-town/88020342 Ad is on bp now. Additional Comments: http://thunderbay.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/young-tight-and-fun-staci-is-back-in-town/88020342 Ad is on bp now.
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