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  1. Refreshing this post one More time!!! Very hard to find this type of service! Please message me if you know of anyone!!!
  2. If she’s lactating I would love to meet with her if she’s available?
  3. leap12326


    Seen her a couple of times and had a great time! Ask her to use her toys! You won’t regret!!!
  4. Refreshing this post as still looking for a lactating provider that could help me out!
  5. Has anyone had the opportunity to meet with Nicole. Seems to be a new girl in town. Just want to make sure pics are real. PM if you want... https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_tight_3t_ready_now_nicole-4294724
  6. Yes please let me know as well!
  7. leap12326

    Stacy in Moncton

    The only reviews I could find were for seductive Stacy that I’ve personally seen as well but she’s different. Her ad is gone now ...
  8. Does anyone have info on this girl? Almost seems to good to be true! https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_lady_of_your_fantasy_in_moncton_to_make_your_dream_come_true-4399194
  9. leap12326

    Paradise Jones

    Wow she really needs to travel to Moncton! What a gorgeous lady!!! I may need to find a reason to visit Fredericton now!
  10. leap12326

    The Real Megan

    Agreed! I met with her last week and it was so worth it! So inviting and puts you at ease ... will absolutely see her again next time she’s in town!
  11. leap12326

    Seductive stacy

    Met her a couple years ago as well and same she seemed high or not into it at all. Probably wouldn’t visit again!
  12. leap12326

    Moncton new girls?

    Would like some info as well... but I can comment on Hannah as I’m sure that’s a fake profile as I’ve “enjoyed” the pic of her on the bed in green thong which is found on many websites!
  13. leap12326

    Eden Blonde Bombshell

    Would love some info as well!
  14. leap12326


    Met her in Moncton a couple of years ago! Pics don’t do her justice and had a great time with her. Been wanting to see her again but she’s not often in Moncton and when she is I haven’t been able to make it work. Pm me if you want more...