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  1. The ones you really need to stay away from are the ones you do a reverse image search and they show up on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit with a ton of followers, and oddly enough, under a different name/Continent. Really got to love those Eastern European gals that travel all the way to Moncton for a quick visit and charge really low rates.....
  2. Rbrott


    Fake or at least using someone else’s pictures. A google search of the first picture on her profile has a bunch of hits so stay away in my opinion.
  3. Rbrott

    Jessika or Emma in SJ

    I suggest that instead of posting a link, they go dead very fast, screen shot the add and post that in the warnings section. If they come by again in 3-4 months, someone will see the warning in full add images. It also avoids confusing members with ladies that share similar names.
  4. Rbrott

    Fantasy Wrestling

    I’d check with MsManda. She is based out of Halifax but makes the occasional trip to Moncton. Check out her twitter account msmandahfx She has done breath play stuff on there so she would probably be your best bet. Never met her but she has many happy clients so I say she would be worth the visit.
  5. Rbrott

    Sweet Vanessa

    I think she was active within the last month. I cannot remember the number she was using but the add said she was based out of Cap-Pele not Moncton. This is also assuming this was her and not someone else.
  6. Just as a heads up that both Lacey and Nessa are legit. Visited Lacey tonight, already posted a recommendation, was 100% satisfied with the experience. Her pictures and description do not do her justice. She is sharing a room with Nessa (wasn’t a duo thing) and got to meet her after the experience. It’s nice to see new ladies in the area that are real and not trying to cheat anyone in either scams or fake pictures. Lacey https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_arriving_today_tiny_tight_come_get_addicted-5193189 Nessa https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_duos_i_l_ve_it_u_won_t_regret_nessa_newgirl-5224497
  7. She was definitely legit in the past and she is attractive. She changed her name 3 times in two weeks. On some of posts that she did as Roxy, some of the images were not her. If you met her, you know her tattoos and they were not in some of the images. I think in today’s post they are all her, only being that some are 3 years plus old. Factoring in that she ripped me off, the name/number changes, and images that are not her, I would be weary. If you do visit her, I hope it works out.
  8. Updated my post in the warning field but it has to have a mod approve it first. BeautyBella > Trixie > Roxy are the same person. Ripped me off a few weeks ago in a cash and grab. See the warning section for more details. Want to make sure she doesn’t get anyone tonight. Third name change in two weeks. Be safe and have a great long weekend everyone.
  9. Should have more than one city, different posts at the same time. Keeping the same number from city to city does make sense. Take same number, multiple cities at the same time pictures almost always end up being from another site. Reverse image lookup is the safest bet. Even when they crop them, they still tend to point back to the original lady that posted that pic. Once again my bad for not being more clear on number used in more than one city.
  10. Yah I’ve notice a lot of fakes lately. The bad ones use the same phone number for more than one city. Clearly they do not understand Moncton, Fredricton and St John come up all under the NB filter. Others were using semi known cam model pictures. Stick to the women that are on here and are well reviewed. You will not get ripped off and get the good time you are looking for.
  11. I feel for you Sophia. I used to do office work in a previous career. One of the biggest pet peeves was email chains for a promotion that someone got or an achievement they earned. 30 or more people would be in these chains. No matter how many times you would tell people to not reply all, 80% would still reply all. You just cannot fix stupid...
  12. I honestly do not think they have the resources to go after the online stuff, other than the under age stings. I’ve heard from some of the locals that they were approached by undercover officers, flashed a bad upon visiting, and only were concerned if they were forced into this business and needed help. Also most law enforcement would not have the background to capture text logs, or other messaging apps. Capturing someone on video or electronic voice recording has been in place far before I was born. Technical services have to be allocated to the more serious crimes. Prostitution as a whole isn’t as much of a concern in Canada (how many escort sites have we shut down) vs targeting the part of the industry that has the most vulnerable people on the streets.
  13. Might have been legit in the past. It was definitely her that I saw. She then changed her name the following day with a new to the area line in her adds. I would just be concerned for anyone visiting her getting ruffed up and robbed. She visited me and used the line that she had to pay her driver, I only gave a small amount up front and she took off. She had the intention of doing the cash and grab the whole time. First time I have been scammed over 4 plus years of doing this and $40 is better than $140. Its this kind of stuff that gives Moncton a bad rap, keeps ladies from visiting and hurts the legit local women who do good work.