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  1. Thanks Traverse ! I had fun too ! See you again soon hopefully 😉
  2. Mr . Fabulous you will and always will be my favourite xo *giggling at that you called me Legend * can't wait for our next visit !
  3. Thank you !thankyou !thankyou! for bringing up the subject of men thinking it gets looser the more our " vaginas" are stretched ! I was giggling to myself when reading this because I'm a "PSE" provider and get pleasure from extreme stretching with large toys and also enjoy fisting. I'm sure that my clients will agree that even with the craziest amount of use it is muscle that needs exercise to stay in shape. Therefore the fact is that the more use, the stronger and tighter it will get !!! So guess what gentleman your dicks are the best kegal toy ever created !! True story !!! Who's ready for a workout ?!? Thanks Darcy and Lydia for another interesting interview ! Xo love it !
  4. I have received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Second dose as soon as I'm allowed to. Stay Safe Everyone & Have Fun!!
  5. Kingston's Bad Girl CIARA RYAN Turning Your Fantasy Into Reality Coming To Ottawa One Week Only June 30th - July 5th ! Then She'll Be Gone But Never Forgotten txt 6474884007 to book
  6. Because interac could be A joint Account if you go to the bank you take cash to the bank and Deposit to my account
  7. That's what I was asking in my last msg ... I don't know what could be done with my info that's what I was asking in my last msg . I do give my real name when they go to do the deposit but my clients also get my real name when they send me an e-deposit I also give them my information when they give me a deposit in oerson as well so they know who has taken their money . I think that's only proper . Same as when they send me money their real name shows up telling me who's sent the money to me . I think there has to be a certain level of trust here . Just like locks only keep honest people out . If some one wants to be devious then their gonna be devious . Which I'm sure they would be successful at with or without my real name. It's not like it would be hard to find me on facebook snap chat Etc if they really wanted to breech my discretion. As an sp I'm meeting someone to have intimate relations with them the last thing I'm worried about safety wise is giving my bank account number but then again my account doesn't look all that great so with all that said had a million dollars in my account then I'd probably think differently about my account number being given out ... it would would be a lot of work for nothing lol
  8. I haven't had any issues with giving out my bank account number. Perhaps I'm naive . I'm not sure what could happen ( fraud wise ) by giving my account to deposit money. Does anyone else have any advise ? I have tried crypto the only big downfall is both the client and sp lose on the fee transfers . Guess it depends on what day your transferring. The market seems to be going up up up for Bitcoin and Eth so if you can take as a deposit and hold on to it for a bit you might gain on it. If you want the money right away though every one will lose a few dollars. That being said it is a secure/ discreet way for clients to pay a deposit and for us as service providers I guess it's still a plus because saves getting humiliated by being stood up which has been happening more and more lately it seems 😞
  9. What I suggest to my clients who need absolute discretion is to go into any of my banks branch locations. I provide them with my information account number etc. & make the deposit anonymously there. They receive a receipt from the teller for the deposit, there is no hold on the account because it's going directly into my bank account and it's completely untraceable for the clients no paper trail. The other option that I have given my client sometimes is to meet with me for a brief moment prior to our appointment time and Get the deposit from them in person. That way they get to feel comfortable with you because they meet you at a time and know that you're real and you're not just trying to rip them off and you have your deposit so you know that they're going to show up to their appointment
  10. Hi gentlemen. I am a member on here and have just changed my number over time. I used to also go by the alias Brielle Thomas for some time . Please let me know if you have any questions about my service or what I’m able to provide 😉 Hopefully we get to meet up for some kinky fun! xo Ciara Ryan
  11. I work with Mya here and there. She is very professional and a pleasure to work alongside. A few times now I have recommended her service to my regular clients if im unable to see them or if O have someone inquiring about GFE ( we all know PSE is more my forte lol) All have reported back rave reviews. She doesnt rush and enjoys what she does. Shes a true beauty her pics dont do her justice . Better in person. I rarely take the time to comment on here but definately think this young lady deserves the commendation. xo Ciara Ryan ox
  12. Thanks Captain 😉 I had fun too 🙂
  13. Hi aloneinhfx Im really sorry that you have had such a bad experience trying to find a honest provider . Are you referring to Kingston On. ? Thanks Ciara R.
  14. Discrete /Professional Fetish Friendly Unrushed ( msog) Low restrictions (no bbf/***) Couples Specials Female/Bi /Gay interactive Gentlemen and Ladies only (all ethnicities welcome ) Please no time wasters , I do not provide a sext or online service . I love to get to know u a little . It helps me figure out what u like for when we meet however I also like to have time left in the day to meet ;) Looking forward to meeting you soon ! ð??¤ Ciara ð??¤ 6474884007
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