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  1. Sumac

    Outbreak in HRM

    Thank you for caring and for your professionalism. 💓
  2. Sumac

    Enjoy daty?

    I'm perplexed you think they "really enjoy" when it's done well. Perhaps appreciate but you are a client not a lover. Perhaps I'm wrong but I would think most are skilled at creating the illusion we are good. 😊
  3. Sumac

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    Discretion is just smart from a business and personal perspective. Those who wish to know more related to your looks can, as others suggested, read reviews and ask others for personal comments. It is your life and it needs to make sense to only you. Those who respect that will make the effort to read reviews and then enjoy the pleasure of your company.
  4. Sumac

    Fave type of Lingerie on an SP

    Body stocking and heels tends to take my breath away!
  5. Anais French is arriving in Halifax on the 10th. Great provider and petite.
  6. Well Jessica, I was just sitting here sipping my coffee and reading Lyla posts for fun. Then you had to post a comment with that exceedingly sexy series of pictures at the bottom of your post. Now I'm utterly distracted wondering when you are coming to PEI. Thank you!
  7. Sumac

    Rates Lash Back

    If you really want to build a more profitable customer base going forward, then re-read PeterConrad's postings to you - again and again. He makes some excellent suggestions. Price and service level are always reasons why customers choose and become regulars. You have cultivated your existing base by these very two elements. Now you have change one - price. Some leave you due to limited capacity to pay, others to a sense they are being overcharged for something they used to get cheaper and others thing "if I have to pay this much I may as well try some variety". It will take time to cultivate a new customer base. Can you afford the loss in revenue? You know, you could offer existing customers only a small increase for the next year and new customers the full new price. This would soften the transition to new pricing. As would many of Peter's suggestions.
  8. Sometimes, as we get familiar with nice people we start to make assumptions and cultivate expectations. Most of us do this with with our regular friends all the time. However, this is different. As a hobbiest, I am resposible to remember that this is not an intimate friendship. This is a transactional business arrangement with a wonderful professional who creates the illusion of intimacy and friendship. Most quality SPs have that unique skill set that make talking, laughing, relaxing, flirting and exploring seems like I am the nicest person they have met in a long time. But, I am not, but it is so nice to feel that way even for a short time. Time is what SPs are selling and to ask for it free or to haggle on reasonable fair pricing is an expression of disrespect to someone who makes a significant effort to make you smile. This is not to say that occasionally SPs don't blur the line - for they are human as well. After a session I was asked if I would join my SP for dinner. She said if I would come, she would thank me in a "special way" once we returned to the hotel, and both would be at no charge. Nice offer, but my sense was she was in a town without friends and was lonely for some company. I agreed to the dinner but declined the post dinner "special" as being nice to someone shouldn't cost anything.
  9. Sumac

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Not a fan of LL as there seems to be a crazy number of "con" ads. I have found this site to be wonderful as the SPs provide clear professional information and there are respectful reviews. That said, Sophia's listing of others advertising sites and creating alternate communication methods is bang on. Never being primarily dependent on one advertiser is just smart business. Also lets you negotiate alternate payment methods like 'pre-paid credits", if they want your business.
  10. Sumac

    Buyer learnings!

    Well, the inexperiened comment is true. But, still enough to know what a scam is. No room fee. Just a straight up hh or hour rate. Then started the big extra costs; refused to take body covering lingerie off; can't touch this or that; kept texting on her phone and watching CSI on the TV. Hoped I would finish in ten minutes with a little hand welcome! Learnings for me: go with people who have great reviews; don't tip until the end and ask up front before I book/pay what is included. Seems there are some wonderful professionals out there - but seems there are also some skilled scam artists and no so skilled hobbiest.
  11. Interesting experience tonight. Booked a Leo listed person for an hour, paid full amount on arrival plus a $60 tip. Within five minutes informed this only covered a tiny connection and anything "regular" would cost another $200+! Ask in detail before you pay and leave if it sound scamy. Buyer beware!