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  1. I am another who’d also support that decision. We need more people here who speak truthfully about this community and who aren’t two faced.
  2. I look for ladies who represent themselves truthfully. I’m not interested in those who perform online to attract me as a client. I prefer authenticity. Age is irrelevant really as youth can be misinterpreted since some age better than others. So a number is less important than other characteristics. At least from my perspective. I also enjoy ladies who are independent and don’t rely on others for their success. Perhaps that is why I pay little attention to reviews.Although I appreciate this forum for threads like this.
  3. I’ve been massaged by Katherine, Cristylonglegs and beautiful Bella. I highly recommend each of them. Cristy has a unique method that was a nice surprise .
  4. I’m somewhat surprised at some of these responses. It’s my observation that what you were charging was part and parcel most likely the reason you had so many negative responses when advertising. I would expect those with lower rates would attract a less desirable clientele. Although I’m sure higher priced ladies get their share as well. If you’ve lost some clients who you feel were decent then perhaps question your meaning of decent. As I believe a decent client wouldn’t object to a lady charging a reasonable rate, which your rates are now, very reasonable in fact. No I think a good and decent client should have objected to you charging so little and would have offered more and showed some concern for such low rates. But there will always be those who want a superb lady yet don’t want to pay a fair price to share her time. I’d say forget these suggestions for discounts I think you have already given enough away. Your rates are more than fair and justifiable. Those that refuse to pay the difference have done your screening for you. Move on and enjoy a more selective and appreciative clientele.
  5. Thank you Denots for correcting my spelling. I am aware of the differences in definitions yet I wasnt aware that there were English teachers here on Lyla. I appreciate the lecture and lesson and will take better care when typing in the future . As far as you assuming my comment concerning who owns what being a conspiracy theory I’l just laugh that one off. When one site has sponsored ads from another we can make our own assumptions. You make yours and I’ll make mine and we can both enjoy looking silly.
  6. He is in the wrong and perhaps the usage of what was smoked caused some confusion. I will say I’m surprised that you’d find the need to ask for an opinion. From most of your previous posts you seem to be one who dispenses advice freely and with assertive confidence. No one can please everyone nor should they want to .
  7. Or they’ll change when people start complaining with their dollars.
  8. I don’t find it interesting it’s typical. You have members commenting about someone they’ve seen and liked. I like that.That’s what’s done here. It’s also common sense to assume that some of the beautiful women we meet we won’t click with. That is life and not necessarily anyone’s fault. Difference is those who like to post about positive things and those who like to post about negative things. I prefer to just move on when things don’t click rather than bringing potential harm to a perfectly reputable ladies business.
  9. Check your hotels guest registry policies. Many hotels now have a right to check a room once every 24 hrs and I believe they can disguise that check or be evident about it. This policy was put in place after the las Vegas shooting. But don’t quote me. For anyone concerned I’d refer to hospitality law and that particular hotels guest policies.
  10. I have. I have no issue with giving a deposit if that is what is required. When dealing with a lady who is well recommended and reviewed why not.
  11. It is posts like this one which brings me to understand why some openly express their dislike towards boards.
  12. Only as much as you seem to be predisposed to making comments that can clearly be misinterpreted. If in gods name it upsets you so to be misunderstood perhaps you should consider leaving out comments that can be misinterpreted.
  13. Thank you Katherine for your point of view. It”s been a number of years now but I too have met and enjoyed my time with Lana and don’t understand why some have the need to make snide or sarcastic remarks about her. Especially on a recommendation board. I am coming to find no matter what group of adults I communicate with there will always be a few who are more immature than others.
  14. So you admit he was being critical yet you defended his criticism and now you criticize him for criticizing? Very confusing. @Thomas2018 I understand that icky feeling it is how your posts made me feel.
  15. Trolls can evidently be members. I’d worry more about the sins of those here rather than what unknowns are doing or saying. Some banned members were some of the best members. Perhaps that’s part of the lack of attraction for many.
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