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  1. Cjthomas

    Food For Thought

    I can understand you not knowing who your father is as it is clearly evident you haven’t had one.
  2. Cjthomas

    Red Hot Cougar Lana

    So you admit he was being critical yet you defended his criticism and now you criticize him for criticizing? Very confusing. @Thomas2018 I understand that icky feeling it is how your posts made me feel.
  3. Cjthomas

    Food For Thought

    What is the point of this reply? Another post that is insulting. I’ve met Katherine and I know she has no children. Any male that refers to a mature women as “ mom” is being demeaning. You should keep your in gentlemanly behaviour on that other site you prolifically post on.
  4. Trolls can evidently be members. I’d worry more about the sins of those here rather than what unknowns are doing or saying. Some banned members were some of the best members. Perhaps that’s part of the lack of attraction for many.
  5. Cjthomas

    Anyone meet Olivia? Star?

    Although I’m on your side with this issue concerning recommendations I do think 5 is a bit extreme. I’m sure I’m not the only hobbyist who prefers to stick with one or two ladies. Some of us only hobby once or twice a year as well. So for the latter it would take a great deal of time to review 5. Especially if the hobbyist was just starting to review or hobby.
  6. I would agree with your assumption although if the person were still advertising publicity then it could be assumed that the person was still seeking new clients. If not it still sets a bad example. Most on boards feel old pictures are a form of bait and switch. So either someone is doing that or they’re not and I can’t accept that “ just seeing regullars” as an acceptable excuse to doing so.
  7. Cjthomas

    Ally Faye

    “Not to throw shade “yet you do and “no comparison “yet you compare. I find your post in very poor taste.
  8. Cjthomas

    Completely New To This

    I echo your sentiments. Cristylonglegs/Cristycurves is a Halifax gem and someone very deserving of high praise. Whoever visits with her will be a very fortunate man.
  9. Cjthomas

    Spryfield area

    Duly noted. I’ve mentioned Katherine because she”s worth seeing and she”s quite public about where she is located.I’ve also visited Miss Curves on numerous occasions and as recently as July and she isn’t in the spryfield area.
  10. Cjthomas

    Spryfield area

    The lovely and ever gracious Katherine has a nice spot in that area. She’s one of the best look her up.
  11. After reading the conversation ( text) it is clear that the op wasn’t given the opportunity to do anything. Although he could have sent a text with an offer of compensation and an apology regardless of who’s at fault. Sometimes even when we’re right it’s best to pay just to keep the peace. As far as his need to tone down his responses, attitude begets attitude.This escalated simply because he felt JR had negative issues, which is his opinion and his response to her basically accusing him of game playing. She escalates this further with her condescending and confrontational tone. If you don’t like someone’s response you don’t have to use aggression or condescension to express yourself or to make a point.
  12. Cjthomas


    It wasn’t the “saying she is slightly older “ that I felt that could be misconstrued as negative it was the “pm me I’ve got things to tell you”. Most would assume if they were good things you’d speak about them publicly not ask to be pm’ed. That’s my interpretation.
  13. Cjthomas


    From reading this post I’d assume you’ve negative almost important negativity you seem to want to share. Which isn’t fair nor kind. I’ve met her, mind you it was some time ago and had no issues . I’d side with Katherine on this one and suggest to those wanting to give advice or share an experience to do so in a more respectful way. I’d add that I’m not sure how dm”ing comments to one another here makes anyone any safer. Posting something publicly perhaps might. Then again this is supppsted to be a site for positive comments only. Unless a warning is warranted. Then there is an appropriate section for those. If you don’t like someone I’d suggest to simply move onto another. Making statements that can be misinterpreted helps no one and potentially could harm someone. So some of us should think before we post.
  14. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment in the thread addressing real and fake pics and bodies xo