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  1. You make some valid points in your confession. This site does favor a certain few. Most review boards do. From board to board, it’s not hard to conclude who’s being promoted. Beyond that if you e been an escorts cash cow, that would be on you. They are all here to make money. We all know that going in. How much you give them is in your control not theirs, they don’t cast spells. They state their fees for an amount of time and you agree to that or you don’t. The same can be said with giving tips and gifts. They can give their preferences but it is up to us to give or not. Many of us are also aware that with a simple goggle search other escorts that aren’t promoted here are also available. Where ever you find them, the female escorts I’ve sought out all have been real woman and many are excellent at providing real intimacy..
  2. Perhaps I’m an odd duck as I can’t imagine wanting to be intimate with someone without knowing something about them and them knowing something about me. One of the reasons I hobby is knowing that when my provider leaves there are no further expectations or ties until I initiate contact again. Quite different from tinder or other dating sites. I too travel extensively and would argue that Halifax is not the only city in which providers are requesting government id. When they do if I’m comfortable I oblige. When I’m not I move on. I’m not going to argue the point or rant about it on a hobby board. As I feel that only adds pressure to what I can only assume is an already pressure filled business. It’s their business so they should be encouraged to run it in whichever way they feel will best provide them the safety measures required instead of being criticized for choosing them.
  3. There seems to be a trend now of bringing twitter drama onto Lyla. Could we not leave what’s on other sites on those other sites. If you want to warn people because of someone’s deeds then post a warning in the appropriate section. You and a few other members seem to be constants in stirring the pot of sore topics which does nothing to benefit anyone. I used to enjoy this site as it was a resource of information. Now it’s devolved into a Jerry Springer type of forum.Those of us who research and who take the time to read any providers posts, socials, ads and websites can make our decisions on wether we want to divulge our information with them without being told time and time again to be careful.
  4. I’d be curious to see the statistics of clients harmed by providers vs providers harmed by clients. I’d think the latter would be a far greater number. I think it’s foolish for any client to expect any provider to offer them their identification. To even broach the subject leaves me scratching my head. Whether we’re new to this or not, we can easily find out all we need to know about providers using the internet. If you cannot find any information on a provider then see that as a red flag and move onto those who advertise and promote themselves so we can feel safe seeing them.
  5. Perhaps the moderators/owners could change the wording in their link on leolist as it says escort reviews. In the first few years under the new ownership, Lyla was referred to in their ads as a review board and not as a recommendation board. So this might be why others call it the same. I don’t think it matters. Reviews/recommendations all amount to the same thing. Clients wanting to share their experiences which I feel should be written with respect of the provider and only with their approval.Thanks to Allie Zeon for clarifying ownership. I had made mention of the sale a few years ago and was told I was stating a conspiracy.
  6. Semantics. Changing the threads title wouldn’t change the idea or outcome of it. If you have a concern for lack of reviews then write one or more and make a suggestion for others to do the same. Encouraging people to post who is the top 3, your favorite, most popular or, best of anything does nothing for new providers either. What if none of them are included in anyone’s list?I always cringe when reading things like that. Best breasts, best service, best bodies. It’s all subjective.
  7. I agree with your perspective and don’t understand the point of posting who’s the best threads or who’s your favorite .My posting who I favour does no one any benefit other than those I favour. But then again some might say the same about reviews. I’ve never known a cop to create social media accounts, only fans or websites in order to catch one of us. If they do go to that trouble I’m sure they’ll also go to the trouble of setting up an account here and posting reviews. So I wouldn’t worry to much. It’s easy enough with the internet and google to check to see if any provider is real. You just have to be willing to do the research.
  8. I seldom review now for various reasons. Mainly because most don’t provide any information that would sway me to book. What does is reading through a providers website, ads and socials. I can’t understand why more don’t take the time to do so. Instead will post here asking “has anyone seen so and so”. Within websites, ads, and socials is all the information I need to decide if they are the type of provider suitable for me. Reviews simply tell me that you had a positive or negative time which won’t guarantee me either. I’m also against negative reviews. Unless they are written because of something dangerous or because of a scam.
  9. I always plan my dates in advance because of travelling. Usually a week or more in advance and prefer afternoon or evenings.
  10. My response to you wasn’t intended as a competition as to who knows more nor was it written with any intended condescension .I made a comment that finding review and advertising sites was as easy as using google which I stand by.. How they are used by a provider and a client and the difficulties faced by either when using them is a whole different subject. Your assumptions concerning my research, my knowledge being limited because I’m a client and referring to me as “love”was condescending, patronizing and unnecessary. I apologize for wasting your time and didn’t intend on any back and forth . When I’m quoted I tend to respond. Will be more careful in the future.
  11. I don’t have a data pool I only make my comments based off of those people I’ve spoken with and visited. I can assume your conclusions are also gathered in similar fashion. For those not in the know finding review platforms and advertising sites isn’t complicated. Google is a tool most can use easily. I assumed the point of a review is to share your experience, regardless of that providers reputation. From my understanding any provider who allows reviews appreciates new ones. I agree with your point that there are excellent providers who don’t have reviews. To have them or not should be a personal choice that is afforded to anyone.
  12. Stick with providers who have personal websites and social media accounts. I also avoid those who won’t allow a short conversation prior to meeting. After that it’s all about how people get along.
  13. I appreciate your response. You are right some don’t know about this site, yet others do and prefer not to post here. Some agree with review culture, some don’t. Their prerogative. It would make things easier though if all legitimate providers would post on one forum. Although as I said before researching to find a providers media isn’t complicated, or time consuming for that matter. The onus is on the client to research in order to determine a scammer from a legitimate provider. Lots of both here in Halifax as well as in other cities.
  14. I agree it would be nice if some of the LL ladies that don’t post here would. I’m sure they have their reasons.I don’t understand those who find it hard to tell a scammer from a legit escort. I only see ladies who have websites and or social media attached to their ads. Scammers don’t go to the trouble of setting up either, in most cases. So what is so difficult about researching to find those pieces of media then reading them? Lots of lovely ladies here. But then again some people are never satisfied.
  15. Excellent choice. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her. I have seen her posts on various sites. I find her admirable because she is so giving of herself and the supportive messages she sends out to all members of this community not just those she associates with or prefers. You don’t see that kind of genuine support often.
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