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  1. Cjthomas


    I like johns comment it sums things up nicely. I suggest you stop pushing your way around this site. Bullies are not held in high favor. If I do find myself in a hole I’ll get nice and comfy . I won’t wait for you to throw me a shovel.
  2. Cjthomas


    Sir I’m not here to gain your support and I’m not sure who you are or what you represent but to threaten me because of a post isn’t cool nor your right. Then you personal message me to tell me “last post” ? Now I’m confused. If you’re a mod fine identify yourself as such if not stay in your lane. My post wasn’t condescending it was stating a fact . She clearly was confused unless leaving two emoticons representing confusion was a mistake.
  3. Cjthomas


    Sorry Kylie my mistake. I thought you were able to understand my posts. It seems you don’t. You have a great night.
  4. Cjthomas


    No that’s not it at all. I’m not questioning your reputation nor was I insulted. You’ve twisted my words. I never said those who offer msog are pounding machines. I said if you tell a man that he can get in as many rounds as he wants good chances are many will see you as that or use you as one. Know too that many of us don’t see getting off as value of time. There is much more than that involved in an enjoyable date. At least for me. Please also reread your first post. Msog and saying getting off all you can are two different things. Yes msog means more than once, all you can implies just that, two different things entirely. Perhaps I’m too literal.
  5. Cjthomas


    No there is a difference between stating msog and saying you can get off as many times as you want. I’m a man and if a lady said I could get off as many times as I want or can I’m going to think we’ll be banging the whole of our time. It’s not a judgement but an understanding of words. Men and women think differently.
  6. Cjthomas


    I must say I’m surprised to hear an established lady say “ within an hour you can get off as much as you want”. Perhaps this is a reason for the demise of the types of dates I’m interested in enjoying and the rise of the wham bam culture and changes within the escort industry I so often hear ladies having to deal with. If you advertise and offer a bang a thong session then most likely that’s what you’ll get. I enjoy taking my time, romance, even if simulated and pleasing my lady. Not how many rounds I can get off in x amount of minutes. The time spent shouldn’t just be about me. I want to talk, kiss, caress, cuddle and enjoy a shower together, if offered. I want to treat the lady like a lady not a pounding machine. Apparently some like to be treated this way. I’m surprised.
  7. Cjthomas

    Kylie died ?

    This thread is very sad and I’m very sorry for those she’s left behind. Escorts are human and sometimes die before their time. I wouldn’t become despondent about my interactions with escorts or the industry because of this. There are tragic stories in many professions. If a person seeks out the wrong person and a negative situation arises that person needs to blame themselves for poor judgement not the industry or the escort. Escorts and clients who try and fill their voids with one another will often be left feeling unfulfilled and empty. We’re all broken in some sorts of ways. Seeing escorts is a form of escapism and relaxation and not a fix for a problem or a fill for a void. Expecting more will only lead to disappointments. I’ve always researched well and never sought out the newest or the shiniest diamond and in doing so have always had enjoyable experiences. I’m thankful for the ladies and this industry.
  8. I’ve been massaged by Katherine, Cristylonglegs and beautiful Bella. I highly recommend each of them. Cristy has a unique method that was a nice surprise .
  9. Cjthomas

    Rates Lash Back

    I’m somewhat surprised at some of these responses. It’s my observation that what you were charging was part and parcel most likely the reason you had so many negative responses when advertising. I would expect those with lower rates would attract a less desirable clientele. Although I’m sure higher priced ladies get their share as well. If you’ve lost some clients who you feel were decent then perhaps question your meaning of decent. As I believe a decent client wouldn’t object to a lady charging a reasonable rate, which your rates are now, very reasonable in fact. No I think a good and decent client should have objected to you charging so little and would have offered more and showed some concern for such low rates. But there will always be those who want a superb lady yet don’t want to pay a fair price to share her time. I’d say forget these suggestions for discounts I think you have already given enough away. Your rates are more than fair and justifiable. Those that refuse to pay the difference have done your screening for you. Move on and enjoy a more selective and appreciative clientele.
  10. Cjthomas

    Leo list on shaky ground

    Thank you Denots for correcting my spelling. I am aware of the differences in definitions yet I wasnt aware that there were English teachers here on Lyla. I appreciate the lecture and lesson and will take better care when typing in the future . As far as you assuming my comment concerning who owns what being a conspiracy theory I’l just laugh that one off. When one site has sponsored ads from another we can make our own assumptions. You make yours and I’ll make mine and we can both enjoy looking silly.
  11. He is in the wrong and perhaps the usage of what was smoked caused some confusion. I will say I’m surprised that you’d find the need to ask for an opinion. From most of your previous posts you seem to be one who dispenses advice freely and with assertive confidence. No one can please everyone nor should they want to .
  12. Cjthomas

    Leo list on shaky ground

    I’m just finding out about all this news involving leoslist. Am I mistaken in saying they’re part of the lyla group? So why are so many angry with just leolist and not lyla or VIP? Why not boycott all? As far as the bitcoin aspect I don’t think that is a negative for the industry. I’ve been using coins for some time as many have and for legitimate reasons. If I were a provider I’d be more concerned about knowing who owns what . So that I wouldn’t look silly boycotting one business on a forum owned by the vary business I was boycotting. Bearing in mind simply because someone advertises new ownership doesn’t necessarily mean a change has been made. Something to ponder.
  13. Cjthomas

    Has anyone else noticed?

    Or they’ll change when people start complaining with their dollars.
  14. Cjthomas


    I don’t find it interesting it’s typical. You have members commenting about someone they’ve seen and liked. I like that.That’s what’s done here. It’s also common sense to assume that some of the beautiful women we meet we won’t click with. That is life and not necessarily anyone’s fault. Difference is those who like to post about positive things and those who like to post about negative things. I prefer to just move on when things don’t click rather than bringing potential harm to a perfectly reputable ladies business.
  15. Cjthomas

    Has anyone else noticed?

    Check your hotels guest registry policies. Many hotels now have a right to check a room once every 24 hrs and I believe they can disguise that check or be evident about it. This policy was put in place after the las Vegas shooting. But don’t quote me. For anyone concerned I’d refer to hospitality law and that particular hotels guest policies.