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  1. Rounding Third


    Nice photo. Thanks for getting me into a festive mood. Actually, it gets me into another mood also which I will leave to your imagination 🙂
  2. Guys: Emma Alexandra is visiting Saint John!! She does not visit all that often so if you think you would enjoy spending time with an extraordinarily beautiful, sexy, fun, captivating mature companion then now is your chance. I have met Emma a number of times and she is wonderful. Oh did I mention sexy? Give her a great NB welcome because we want her to visit more often.
  3. Rounding Third

    Emily Rushton

    I have been visiting with Emily every chance I get for many years and will continue to do so. She is beautiful (stunning really), interesting, engaging, charming - oh so charming, witty and smart. I very unique GFE experience. Read her ads and her website and if you are interested in a visit drop her an email and tell her a little about your self. Follow her instructions, be courteous and respectful-- she likes that (wink) 😉
  4. Rounding Third

    20180526 120851 HDR

  5. Rounding Third

    Wowww- Waht a great photo of a great lady 🙂
  6. Rounding Third

    One of my favorite photos of you 🙂
  7. Rounding Third

    Lovely and so sexy 🙂
  8. Rounding Third

    Emma & Maria

    Wow!!! Absolutely stunning.
  9. Rounding Third

    Emily Rushton

    I can't help but note an interesting irony in this thread. Here is a bit of a preamble needed to describe the irony. I have been on Lyla for about 10 years and hobbying for that long. I am attracted to the ladies that offer a courtesan/companion experience as I enjoy meeting a lady with whom I am interested, get to know her a little, let our personalities blend and see were the music takes us. In fact I have known Emily Rushton for years. have had numerous visits with her and will continue to do so (BTW Camaragoods is spot on). In short, we have a connection that I treasure and it started in the first minutes of that very first encounter so long ago. When I read the original poster's post, I thought ...gee... on that first visit with Emily, if I was focused only on menu items and what may be restricted.........I would have missed so much. So here is the irony..When seeking a true courtesan if a hobbyist is focused on what is or is not restricted, then he may easily become his own restrictor. See the irony? I think it is noteworthy.
  10. Rounding Third

    Very flexible

  11. Rounding Third

    Nice! :) I could say much more but rather spend the time enjoying this and other photos in your album (lol)
  12. Rounding Third

    mmmm... It is always nice to relax with a good read.
  13. Rounding Third

    Very sexy photo Mariska :)
  14. Rounding Third

    Question about local interests

    This is a curious post. First of all, it is off-topic as it does not have anything to do with the thread. Second, it does not seem in keeping with the long standing tried and proven Lyla philosophy of positivity. Third and perhaps most important, Is it true? Fortunately Bianca has provided much clarity. In Lyla's heyday this may be considered an attempt to high-jack a thread and the mod would intervene if a thread was high-jacked. Hope that principle still prevails. Lets not high-jack this thread. Our three Maritime provinces have lots to offer and it is always a delight when ladies tour here. It is also a delight when ladies established here tour other parts of the Maritimes. I gave Maria by PM lots of detail about Saint John, Sophia has given comments on Moncton and surrounding areas. Tons more can be said about NB and NS where Maria will be travelling.
  15. Rounding Third

    Question about local interests

    Great minds think alike Maria :) I just sent you a rather long email with some attractions in Saint John :) Hope you have a wonderful trip to our part of the country :)