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  1. Interesting thread. I have been around for a while, acutally a long long while, and I am happy to say that I have met so many great ladies over the years that it would not be fair to list names because it is certain I would unfairly leave someone out. However, they know who they are and how much I appeciate them. Having said that, I am safe to say without offending anyone that Emily Rushton and Emma Alexandra are two ladies that I have known the longest and oh how wonderful they each are 🙂. So, to all the traveling ladies I have met, and to the local ladies I have met, to the ones I met some time ago, to the one I met most recently (you know who you are 😉) and to those I still hope to meet some day - THANK YOU!!
  2. Wow!! Ditto everyting that has been said. Beautiful, amazing, accomodating lady. It has been a long time since I posted a recco but Ava is that special.
  3. Thanks. I was right, it was a dumb question 🙂
  4. Great interview. Lots of useful information and clarity on some tricky stuff. All told in a straightforward way with a touch of humour. Thanks Darcy and also to the interviewer. Come on Darcy, sign up on Lyla :)
  5. Rounding Third


    Nice photo. Thanks for getting me into a festive mood. Actually, it gets me into another mood also which I will leave to your imagination 🙂
  6. Yesterday, I wrote a recommendation regarding Emma Alexandra's upcoming visit to Saint John but somehow it has yet to appear in the New Brunswick section of Lyla. 😞 Therefore I am rewriting it today. So if two recommendations from me about Emma dated a day apart suddenly appear in the NB recommendation section, rest assured that I am not losing my memory, it is just that I am incredibly enthused to be telling you that Emma is coming our way. 🙂 I have been visiting with Emma for years and she is one amazing lady. Beautiful, sexy and she loves doing what she does. And what she does is to give you the time of your live. Yup. I kid you not 🙂. I probably do not have to tell you this because Emma has a great reputation as a quality provider. So check out her ads here on Lyla, or on Leolist, and her website and if you have the chance see Emma. You will be pampered and amazed!!
  7. Guys: Emma Alexandra is visiting Saint John!! She does not visit all that often so if you think you would enjoy spending time with an extraordinarily beautiful, sexy, fun, captivating mature companion then now is your chance. I have met Emma a number of times and she is wonderful. Oh did I mention sexy? Give her a great NB welcome because we want her to visit more often.
  8. Recently I had the pleasure of a duo with two fantastic ladies, the stunning blonde bombshell Bianca Jaguar and the sensational brunette Mariska Harley. Now did I just say "I had the pleasure"? My apologies as that is a gross understatement. Let me start again with what I should of said, and that is "Recently I had the most fantastic, wildest, sexiest, erotic time of my life" with these two hotties! When Bianca and Mariska advertise a duo.....let me tell you... they are talking a real duo... completely interactive while at the same involving you every step and every minute of the time. Let me put it this way. imagine your wildest fantasy of a duo with two hot, experienced, mature ladies. Now double that thought and only then you are getting into Bianca/Mariska territory. I kid you not! They tour NB on occasion offering this one of a kind experience, so if you see their ad then jump on it,...... and get ready for something very special. Oh, BTW rest up beforehand because you are gong to be very, very busy.
  9. I have had the pleasure of visiting with ArianaDawn on two occasions and thought I should share my delight in this lady. As stated in her LeoList ads and Lyla profile, Ariana is a BBW with a very pretty face, long blonde hair and light blue eyes. Check out her albums and photos as they are accurate. Ariana is accommodating and lots of fun. Booking an appointment is straight forward and she hosts in a nice land locale. Enjoy...
  10. I have been visiting with Emily every chance I get for many years and will continue to do so. She is beautiful (stunning really), interesting, engaging, charming - oh so charming, witty and smart. I very unique GFE experience. Read her ads and her website and if you are interested in a visit drop her an email and tell her a little about your self. Follow her instructions, be courteous and respectful-- she likes that (wink) 😉
  11. I have been very fortunate to have met with Bianca Jaguar a number of times over the past few years, and think it is high time I said something about this incredible lady. Bianca is a youthful mature and you will know exactly what that means once you first lay your eyes upon her. She is beautiful blue-eyed blonde with an incredible fit body!! She is easy to talk to, and you will be enchanted with her charming smile and easy going way. She loves what does, loves to please and I can attest she really knows how 😊 Bianca is a travelling lady and visits NB often. Check out her website and keep an eye on her schedule because she is not to be missed!!
  12. Rounding Third

    Wowww- Waht a great photo of a great lady 🙂
  13. Rounding Third

    One of my favorite photos of you 🙂
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