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  1. I nominate Sasha May Fields. She is the most affectionnate, sensual and approchable woman that I have met in my life. We connected on our first date and kept meeting for the following year and a half. When the time to part ways came (my time working in Ottawa came to an end) my heart ached for a long while and still have pings of sadness on occasion. Miss you dearly Sasha!
  2. Pure bliss!!! I week or so ago I had the immense pleasure of getting together with Jessy and Sasha for a duo in their new incall. I have been seeing Jessy on a regular basis for over a year now and had met Sasha once before, last spring, but our schedules never aligned afterwards so when both ladies and I were in OT at the same time I could not resist the urge of meeting both at the same time. Texted and chatted with both and made it happen. As always, the greet was filled with wonderful kisses from both Sasha and Jessy. By the way they are great sensual kissers. I get goosebumps everytime! Since I was a duo virgin... lol... I had some apprehensions on how to dance the dance but Jessy put me at ease prior to the meet and expecially during the meet. During our time together she directed the dance as would an orchestra conductor... with masterful hands. I won't go into the details but let's say that with Jessy's direction, all present were pleasured beyond belief. A truely sensual exprience filled with lot's of kisses and other enticing endeavors but most importantly lots of laughs which made the whole experience even more extraordinary. Thank you Jessy and Sasha for making this event so wonderfully enticing and memorable. Special thanks to Sasha for extending her stay to make this happen. I will definitely repeat Hugs and kisses... everywhere to both of you.
  3. I had been trying since last fall to get acquainted with Sasha but to no avail. I had communicated with her on several occasions and she always obliged me by answering back quickly although it was clear that our schedules would probably never aligned. But fate had other plans, and two weeks ago, we managed to get our schedules lined up and finally meet. Although I was a bit anxious when getting to Sasha's in call, she greeted me with the most wonderful smile and the most enticing kiss that all my nervousness was blown away in that very instant. The first thing I noticed when entering was her beautiful eyes and that smile... but the kiss signed my fate... LOL We started chatting to better get acquainted but it was not long before we got down to more playful endeavors. I won't go into details on this since it remains between Sasha and I but I must state that she is all that she advertises... a beautiful, sensual and all-natural woman. No growth hormones or antibiotics in this lady... not even a slightest enhancement... none that I noticed anyways. She expressed her needs very clearly (a major turn on for me) and was very attentive to mine. She loves to touch... everywhere and that really turned me on and I consider that it was that part that left the most lasting impression of our time together. And did I mention her tan. Not a tan line to be seen. We had a good laugh when she explained to me how she avoided getting tan lines while on vacation down south for I had assumed that she had sunbathe in her Eve outfit... which was not the case. Afterwards we chatted some more... so much so that I realized after awhile that I had been there much longer than agreed upon but she never said a word. We were too absorbed in our discussion and time just flowed by without any hassles. Our first encounter was a very memorable one and left a lasting impression. I just hope that are schedules will realign sometime soon so we can meet again. Thank you, Sasha May, for the wonderful moment
  4. I have been meaning to making this recommendation for months now... 6 months in fact but it seems that time flies and never got down to really doing it. My first exposure to Jessy's celestial soul was in May of last year. Of course a first meeting is always somewhat nerve racking, especially that I had to wait somewhat before joining her in her incall, but Jessy made me feel immediately at ease when greeting me with a wonderful kiss. We start chatting and getting to know more about each other and it came quite clear to me that Jessy has a wonderful mind! She intelligent beyond words and it was clear that not only we would connect on a physical level but intellectually as well... which btw really turned me on. I won't go into details on the second aspect of our first time together (that remains between Jessy and I) but suffice it to say that Jessy is was very tuned in to my needs but clearly expressed hers which I found extremely exciting and sensual. I attended to those needs with delectible pleasure. I have been seeing Jessy now, on a regular basis for 6 months and our time together is like a fine wine, it gets better and better with time. She is amazingly beautiful, intelligent and imaginative and we connect on so many different levels that I still can't get enough of her (Hope this does not scare you Jessy). Hope 2018 will allow us to meet often and continue our wonderul exploration of each other's mind and body.
  5. Hi Freebar, Here is Amber's backpage link: http://ottawa.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/calling-all-philanderers-rakes-and-gadabouts-amber-fake-free-busty-redhead-milf/94520402 I have been meeting up regularly with Amber for several months now and like fine wine, it gets better and better. She is amazingly beautiful, intellegent and imaginative and I still can't get enough of her. Can't wait to be back in OT to go mingle with her once again
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