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  1. Curious if anyone has seen her as well?
  2. I wish YFL would make a visit to Fredericton. You folks in Moncton are lucky!
  3. I agree with this. I know many people don’t write reviews but just an acknowledgment that someone is real, provides a good service, is friendly, etc. To me this goes a long way in seeing someone new.
  4. Perhaps this is more niche as I don't see the advertising forum used a lot but does anyone know of any massage providers in Fredericton? Thanks.
  5. I'd be careful. If you search the phone number on the ad my results came back with posts in other cities a while back. Normally that in itself wouldn't be an issue but there is another forum in the search results matching the number using a different name and indicating a bait and switch. Plus the title includes "hotel Waasis", but description says Prospect. To my knowledge there aren't any hotels in Waasis :).
  6. I saw her as well and had a great experience. She’s a very nice, easy going person and provides a great service.
  7. I wish I knew some but I don’t. Are you saying there are some that so provide that sort of service?
  8. Hi all - just curious if anyone has seen Britannya Dream posting in Fredericton? My understanding is that she used to go by Alexandra Ferrari and has been reviewed here but just wanted to make sure this was actually her. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/fredericton_now_in_fredericton_britannya_dream_elite_french_companion-6749578?source=list thanks!
  9. I’ve never met this SP either and realize there are two sides to every story but I would be quite weirded out as well if someone else showed up to a car date. I could be in the minority but that just seemed worrisome to me.
  10. I saw the ad yesterday and agree it was completely different than today. I am pretty sure yesterday the ad said an age of 20 and B size and today it’s 27 and D size as well. It is weird that this ad mentions duos with Sky, and the related ad and picture shown now is of Sky. The stats as well line up with Sky. I’m assuming it’s a friend of hers that she is helping but is weird for everything all of a sudden to change, especially with Sky having a good rep.
  11. If it helps - I spoke with Larissa who shows up above in the related ads and who has a good reputation (I believe). She wanted to mention that she is managing/helping these girls out and if there are issues to contact the email on each ad. It sounds like the emails might go to her? I don’t have much information other than that but was asked to pass along.
  12. I’m guessing taking a break or is done. Her breaks used to be bi-weekly or monthly or so. I do y think she’s been around for a few months now. Maybe in school as well. But yes she was great and I hope she comes back as well!
  13. Any others see Carmen? I too find her difficult to respond but have seen her ad pop up in Fredericton a bit more frequently. thanks!
  14. Quite sure it’s a scam - ask for deposit - is in multiple cities etc. Here is one thread:
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