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  1. Netflix “Honest Thief.” If you liked Liam Neeson in “Taken” you'll love this one.
  2. This is my fave pic of her as I gaze and dream with longing while in the barren north of the province... 😂 lol. Lucky southerners...
  3. Stephanie was fully booked when she was here. Daysha did express an interest in visiting. As to Alex I’ve been unable to establish contact. I think she may be new to the industry and perhaps has not taken the plunge yet...
  4. It's a regular tsunami wave of SP's heading north isn't it? 😂 😂
  5. I would in a New York minute but stranded in No SP Land up north. 😞
  6. Good luck with that. I think the North is No Man’s Land. Or should I say No SP Land. We’re off the beaten path I guess...
  7. Allie visits Miramichi. Not sure what her schedule is. She has been reviewed favourably. Most that advertise there are fake or scammers. Be sure to run image search. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/nb_other_squirter_well_reviewed_allie_zeon_shediac_area-5923478
  8. Nothing turned up on google image search. You using tineye?
  9. This SP posted advertisement in Halifax today at the same hour - 5:05am. I would ask for explanation if booking.
  10. Dropping the microphone after a particularly effective line indicates complete confidence in the opponent's (magog) inability to come back with anything that would be worthy of a response.
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