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    My name is Paris Rose. I'm an elite companion from London UK. Visiting Canada on the following dates:
    Montreal:- 15-22 Sept 2018
    Ottawa:- 22-5 Sept 2018
    Vancouver:- 23-26 Sept 2018

    For screening and bookings:

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    Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal
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    A discreet and luxurious girlfriend from London UK. I offer an array of services for distinct gents.
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  1. Paris Rose

    anyone has insomnia

    Came here to get tips as I also suffer too. Knew nothing of melatonin, so will look into it. Thanks everyone!
  2. Paris Rose

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    Watching 90 day fiance (love it) whilst dying from the London heatwave!
  3. When the shower curtain touches you in the shower! Especially if it's in a hotel!!
  4. I really want to visit Hawaii. Not sure who with though! Additional Comments: Yes Australia too! Long flight from UK though!
  5. Some new AP lingerie! The sale was amazing :)
  6. Welcome to Lyla Amiah. Look forward to you Canadian tour.

  7. Hello everyone! New girl here. Well I joined 5 months ago, but have only started to participate now. I am based in London UK, but I plan to do some tours of Canada next year.
  8. So far I really like the tone of this forum. It's a lot to get your head around and I think I'm almost there, but one thing I have already noticed is I love the calm and welcoming tone of this place. I also appreciate it not having a horrible rating system too. As I'm new here I do not know what it was like before, nor do I know how great the influx of work will be, as I won't be using it for a couple of months to post ads, as that'll be when I'm touring Canada; so on that subject I cannot comment. So far I like this forum, it's usefulness and the civility of everyone here.
  9. This is an incredibly sad thing to read, but for your own safety and well-being you need to steer clear.
  10. Some really cute Uggs was the last thing I bought in the Black Friday sales and I am so happy that I got them at a bargain!! :biggrin:
  11. Paris Rose

    what are you doing at this very minute?

    Watching family guy and trying to get my head around this forum!
  12. aww thank you so much x

  13. Hey new girl here! I'll be touring Canada in 2018 so looking for some tips on Ottowa, Calgary and Edmonton. Going to start reading and contributing as much as poss x
  14. Welcome Amiah!