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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_best_upscale_servicecome_play_i_will_blow_your_mind-5252699 I didn't get any hits so I figured I'd venture there and toftt, fake add, fake pictures, and well I am now short some money because she ran off......worst part is, pretty sure she knows my place of work. as I recognized her once I saw her; I am sure she feigned ignorance using it as trust, and it worked, should have left once I saw her. Anyways, why I ever venture into dartmouth is beyond me now. Won't happen again........ tldr, trust your gut, get out, ain't worth it.
  2. grooming session type of situations would be a nice treat, I haven't done too much research into if someone locally does provide it however, but just wanted to add my two cents; and if anyone knows someone who does, I'd love a PM!
  3. Sorry, I was referring to good-dates comment.
  4. The thread you mention actually started during the previous vip lady's visit, her name being flower. Unless you meant my reco thread?
  5. jeffanders22


    I can imagine this conversation will be placed among the likes of Socrates and Plato.
  6. jeffanders22

    Anyone seen Hannah?

    She is real, use to see her at her place of work; have never visited due to these reasons, and I have moved now. As to her services I believe there was poor reviews last I checked, do some searching, she has been a SP for a while.
  7. jeffanders22

    SP's for Heavy Men

    I second the "from this site" portion of Lookingfor's comment, if you want authenticity in what you are asking for, stick to this site.
  8. jeffanders22


    Attempted to arrange a meeting with her, when I texted I was ready to book pretty much anytime in the next three hours. However three hours came and went and in that time I did get a few messages from her, but only two at a time, about once an hour. No booking was ever made, and by the end of those three hours I hadn't even gotten how much an hour booking would be, let alone when she might be able to book.
  9. Seems odd, her "duo" partner changed recently, look at the bottom of the page at "other adds by this user".
  10. jeffanders22

    Daty, DFK, CIM

    If said provider offers an experience you think you will like, book, if she does not offer one you believe you would like, don't book, pretty simple; no need to have a drama thread about what you think a SP should do, in some vain effort to encourage more people to do as you want.
  11. jeffanders22


    Depends entirely on the general area of the airbnb, if it's in a decent area, in a well kept building, sure; if it's in a downtrodden building in a side street, likely will pass, safety is first. However such rules, in my mind, are generally for newer SP's, well known ones I am personally more comfortable visiting in general.
  12. jeffanders22

    Jenny Queen LL?

    Saw her, was very impressed, above is my reco.
  13. jeffanders22

    Jenny Queen LL?

    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_xx_new_in_halifax_xx_hot_sexy_latina_438_342_4706-4513336 Seems fairly legit, anyone have any other info? Will toftt otherwise, when I am able.
  14. jeffanders22

    Massage option perhaps

    That is the same lady who is the subject of a previous thread, Asian massage Kijiji.
  15. A floor away, until the okay; rules to live by gents. However meeting someone in the floor so quickly is well... I would not visit that SP again if that happened to me, shows a serious lack of cleanliness that is to be expected.