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  1. Well worth the money for 90 minutes!! No regrets here!
  2. The name Berlyn is your clue. She's got a nice body and is accommodating with it. PFG
  3. Went and paid Michelle off LL a visit the other day. All I can say is that every visit just gets better and better!! Really nice enhancements, juicy and hot plus a co-ed shower. Did the 90 minute nuru and definitely will repeat again and again. Definitely recommend!!
  4. She moved her business back to her home spa. Said she was only taking preferred clients there.
  5. Did you just get sugared or did you go for extras?
  6. Had a brazillian at 958 on Friday and was very happy with the service and quality. Place is older but it was nice and clean. No extras offered and didn't ask either. She does look quite good, I'd repeat for a sugaring. PFG
  7. Takes 20-30 minutes. Massage right after is best time. 😍
  8. She IS the best. Just saw her last week, great place, great experience! Had a real hard time holding back. No pun intended. 😘
  9. St. Boniface, they give you exact location when booking. First class place with good parking, good area.
  10. Any details Usernametaken? A pm would be appreciated.
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