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  1. Panningforgold

    Kingfisher Crescent

    I've searched all over on this location and the more I look the more I'm confused. So who actually works here, what are services like, etc? A pm would really be appreciated with more details as I'm thinking of trying this one out this weekend.
  2. Panningforgold

    Erika at 832 Corydon

    Thanks Blue, I had seen your info but just thought maybe someone else had more info to offer.
  3. Panningforgold

    Erika at 832 Corydon

    Wow, can't believe no one ever saw her! Or did I say something I shouldn't have?
  4. Panningforgold

    Erika at 832 Corydon

    Just wondering if anyone has been to see Erika at 832 Corydon in the last little while? Pms with some details are appreciated. Thanks for any help! PFG
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any info on good massage places in Virden or Brandon that might offer extra perks? Asian is preferred but not a deal breaker. Will be there tomorrow night so looking for soon. Pms with more details would also be appreciated. Thanks for any help. PFG
  6. Panningforgold

    Mona Lisa Spa in Main

    Might have been a good time to negotiate. LOL
  7. Panningforgold

    832 Notre Dame

    I was just looking for something more current, seems like these places change week to week so a lot of info on here tends to be old.
  8. Panningforgold

    832 Notre Dame

    Just wondering if anyone has been to this place recently? K ad sounds tempting but?? Pms would also be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Panningforgold

    Looking for Woman with big breasts

    Anyone willing to pm me on what Krystal offers other than regular massage?
  10. Panningforgold

    Angela 741 st.marys

    Plus one!
  11. Panningforgold

    Angela 741 st.marys

    Alfuzou keeps pming me too. Makes me suspicious
  12. Panningforgold

    Test Post

    Thanks guys! Thought for a bit maybe I was blocked. You all have a happy happy day!
  13. Panningforgold

    Test Post

    So quiet on here just wondering if I'm not connected?
  14. Panningforgold

    Sensual massage

    Thanks Djdarko
  15. Panningforgold

    Sensual massage

    Does anyone know if this is an actual picture of Susan or Angela? Just checking before I make an appointment. Any help please and thanks Please view this ad: Angela, https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/angela/1415704590?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Download the application from the Google Play Store. http://goo.gl/Hs9Yg