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  1. Which I understand and I am sorry, but for most ladies, it is a scam as well. Men send money and then cancel it while the lady is on route. So if you see deposits required, either chance it or move on to the next one.
  2. You can say that until you are blue in the face, but you have just been told that many ladies will not accept an EMT without the password. So if you don't like the policy, move on to the next girl. LL says they are MAYBE a scam, so you have to do your research first. And lastly, this is in the complete wrong section. This is the lounge, not the general discussion for Fort Mac. But as said, the quality of girls is usually a reflection of the quality of clients in a city. Just sayin
  3. Which someone could do. But I have been able to get plate info from having an address. I admit a normal lay person may not be able too. But I was able too. That is all I was saying.
  4. You say you treat ladies with respect but then post that ladies don't deserve respect In your other post. i disagree that there is not a standard. There is. Many people follow the inner code of industry. Some don't. Just like any other industry. Just like there are some good cops and some bad ones. But there is the unwritten rules of the game and this person broke those rules. Breaking the rules leads to accountability and that person can be held accountable by being blacklisted. It all comes full circle.
  5. I still don't get why it is okay to use pics that are not you. I just don't. I get wanting privacy, so don't show your face. Even more nervous, show close ups only. Edit tattoos, take them out, etc. You can post your own pics and keep your identity private. Some of us other escorts would be given hell if we used fake pics. There are guys in Ottawa trying to make a trend of asking for proof of pics because so many use fake ones. It hurts the over all industry. And accepting that and not calling it out, in fact, promoting it in a way, hurts the industry as well. IMHO
  6. Can I ask a dumb question? Why is it ok to use stock pics and not real ones?
  7. There is always a way. $10 cash back here or there on purchases gives you cash in hand. So then you can use that cash to get a prepaid card and buy a subscription. Cash back on gas is the easiest because those prices change all the time. Since some really good memberships are only $10 a month, a $50 card will be good for 5 months. This may not be for you but I'm just saying, where there is a will there is a way. You must get cash to pay for escorts so I don't see not being able to get cash for online memberships.
  8. That is awesome. Sad that it is needed but great that you guys did this.
  9. ^^^^ This. I think grizzly knows exactly what he is trying to say and I don't think it came off incorrectly. I think we all saw the post for what it was meant to be.
  10. I am sorry you have this feeling. However my opinion is everyone is entitled to some respect regarding privacy. That includes sex workers. Just because we sell sex doesn't make us any less "human" and therefore not worthy of respect. But I guess I get why you think that. You think so low of clients as well. I don't have a single client like you describe. And I can bet I'm not the only one. I will admit there a few out there like you say, you probably are one of them with such a low opinion of the industry in general but most are not like you say.
  11. I have read about lots of people who have made mistakes and killed people. They were not given a pass because of their mistake. Some times some things are just unforgivable and have consequences no matter what. Sharing intimate incall details like a short street location = blacklist offence.
  12. That is how I make paypal payments for my adult stuff. It is discrete but totally throw away info. It is only to make payments though, not accept money. For that, I transfer through two other PP account before finally accepting to my account that is bank linked. Square works with many online platforms. A lady can set up a website with shopping cart features like wordpress with woo commerce and then link a Square plugin and payment will run through their site and billed to whatever name you create for that company. You can create many different companies as well with one square account. All done online and not needing to be in person.
  13. Sadly places like OF do not accept Pre-paid CCs. I have heard of lots of men experiencing declines messages. This is yet another reason I created my own site to manage payments. So that anonymous billing was available. I have heard of guys buying amazon GCs or very discretely and by trusted clients only, using PayPal as you can use pre-paid CCs for those.
  14. I agree with this. That is who I would nominate. That is for this month. Because I have a long list of members I would like to nominate as well. LOL.
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