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  1. Had a spectacular experience with Savannah. Her announcement on the schedule pages made it clear that she was pregnant, which attracted my attention right away. I was further intrigued by the glowing recommendations. But the real experience exceeded all my expectations. We spent a delightful hour and a half together in an outcall location. Waiting for her was like waiting for springtime. She entered the room like a beam of sunlight, true to her chosen name. We had great time talking and I really felt the pleasure of making friends and the excitement of youthful romance. In bed her silky skin, perfect body, and gorgeous "bump" drove me wild. She was skilful and tender and above all loving and kind. Highly recommend!
  2. I had a wonderful first visit with Danielle. She was kind, compassionate, patient and professional. Her venue is comfortable and cosy. We had a delightful, but all too brief (because of my schedule) encounter. I am going to see her again when I have the time to enjoy her company properly.
  3. Ms. Manda is a true icon of professionalism in Halifax. I appreciate her on so many levels though I've only once had the pleasure of her exquisite embrace. I long for my next visit.
  4. My first and second experiences with Bella were both successful. She's quirky, funny, and very skilful. Both times she helped me push my own boundaries and I enjoyed some new experiences thanks to her. I will be back!
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