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    Has anyone seen Jordyn? She seems to advertise often but there are no reviews here
  2. A new fan for the summer
  3. webdesign93

    highlights of the day

    A nice sunny day after some cold weather on the east coast! Lots of time for walking and being surrounded by nature
  4. webdesign93

    anyone has insomnia

    For my insomnia I take magnesium glycinate and l-theanine most nights. I take melatonin when I really need help on top of that and it can really help but I find if you don't get a proper sleep with melatonin you're extremely groggy, worse than if you just tried to sleep naturally, definitely do some research on melatonin as it can have some side-effects if used daily. Ashwanda (sp?) is very good too, one of the better supplements for sleeping that I've tried, it relaxes me and lets me wake up early without feeling groggy. Harder drugs that can help are phenibut and GHB, weed can help some people but not me, it helps me sleep but I don't often feel rested when I wake up Besides medication/supplements the most obvious cure is exercise, walking 5km or so in the afternoon can really help me wind down at night
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    I know a few years back there was a massage place called vickies hands but I think they closed
  6. Completely legal I believe. Since 2014 sex work was legal to sell and illegal to buy. So only us as the consumer really has to worry. The website itself should be completely legal as well as the services offered.
  7. New member here, just browsing to see what the site has to offer