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  1. My point was they are doing it strictly for the money. When you go visit someone and the first thing that comes out of their mouth it's *** dollars it's not a good sign. My great experiences in the past they greet me with a hug and ask me how's my day. You know like they actually care. This is rare these days. It's like give me the money and then its mechanical from there. It's not like it used to be.
  2. Oh I am aware. I didn't ask for anything. She just blurted out that info without me asking anything specific. That's why I'm saying no more
  3. It doesn't matter if the provider is on board with feedback or not. You can't stop someone from writing a review as there's several forums out there. Any who I did reach to her as well and she said similar to what it's been said. She doesn't take appointments and just says message one hour before and I'll let you know of I'm free. If not try again later. She also says she doesn't like her breasts squeezed and has to be very gentle touch. That's just one of many restrictions. I won't list the others.
  4. She's writing a book about her doing this. There's not much reviews on her because people are not writing them. It's nothing to do with her wanting to keep things private. It makes no sense. What she's going to do? Tell her clients to not write reviews?
  5. I've search all over the place and can't find much on her and she's been in the industry for a long time. That's a bit of a flag for me. From the very few reviews I found I didn't see a positive one
  6. Hey all. I live in NB and this SP who's based out of Toronto is visiting NB this month. However I can't seem to find much reviews for Honee Parlay which usually not a good sign specially since she's been doing this for a long time. Can someone with experience with her PM me as I'd like some insights on her
  7. Not a bad idea if it's a thing. At least this way you can see them rather than going off pictures. A lot of SPs have fake or really outdated pictures
  8. I hear you, I tried to contact her multiple times in the past with no responses so I moved on.
  9. Thunderbay Ontario? If so you're in the wrong section as this is NB
  10. She has an ad out now with a different name. That's a red flag for me. She's going by Jadyn now
  11. Now this thread is speaking my language 😁
  12. I am wondering the same. I can't find anything on this provider
  13. Her last ad was 3 months ago so maybe she's just taking a break.
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