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  1. Her last ad was 3 months ago so maybe she's just taking a break.
  2. It's definitely drying up. A lot of providers now are simply in it to make money and not the pleasing type. I think I'm just about done with this industry. I recently had an appointment when I showed up the first word out of her mouth was its *** dollars and puts her hand out. Not even a hi. And then provides to count the money in front of me. And this was from a women who had a few good reviews. So quite disappointing to say the least. Very rare to find someone now that actually does this because they enjoy what they do.
  3. To each their own. I did take the plunge and can't say I would repeat
  4. In general while its great to have these reviews but I've had experiences that weren't good even with a person with multiple good reviews. It's always hit or miss now.
  5. Leigha lane was my favorite but she has been long retired now as well. Haven't been able to find another favorite since. I'm going to try Ava Alexis next as she fits what I like
  6. I can't speak on her but a lot of SPs have outdated pics for sure. Some of them are well over 5 years.
  7. Bumping this thread as I saw on Leolist that Ava Alexis has gotten a boob job so that might be of an interest to you. Also if anyone has seen her since the new boobs can you please PM me. I am very curious
  8. Been asking the same myself! Cougar Nikki is visiting Fredericton next week and then Moncton for a day in October. She has an add on leolist as we speak and you can find her on Twitter. She has HH cups
  9. I don't think there's other places that they are advertising. There's just not much in NB anymore. Covid didn't help as now some SP switched to onlyfans only. We also don't get the visitors that we used to get. There's just not much option anymore. And for me who likes busty women with reviews There's not much option for that.
  10. Hello, this is something I despise but sometimes as last resort it's needed. Was wondering if anyone knew of good private places to park around the Moncton area. This could be anywhere. Sackville, Amherst etc etc. Please PM me if you do
  11. I second this. Average might be nice but you get what I'm saying
  12. Texted her and she says outcalls and video chats only. Requires half upfront and the rest when she gets there. Not a fan of that. Plus I don't do outcalls so regardless I'm out on that one
  13. Seems too good to be true. I haven't found any hits on the reverse image search though. Unless I'm doing wrong. It also says deposit up front though. Is she's real I'd definitely TOFTT
  14. I'm pretty sure that is the same Sara that has the reco
  15. Yeah I would stay away from that site. It's literally just about 10$ to be able to send a message to a women in which 90 percent of the time you won't get a reply. Also along with that if you do get a reply its usually a women looking to sell her pics, so online stuff. Essentially women looking for money for practically doing nothing in return.
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