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  1. NSAndy


    real and very flexible.
  2. NSAndy

    Natasha Booty of a Goddess

    we cannot post negative things about service providers here, but we can state facts. derive your own conclusion or msg someone directly for more information.
  3. NSAndy

    Natasha Booty of a Goddess

    I've seen her once but won't again.
  4. NSAndy

    Alexis X 2 ???

    they're both legit. and bigmack40: I can't remember who's who, but the "sisters" are both fun.
  5. NSAndy

    Sexy seductive Jessica

    Not recommended. PM for info.
  6. and you don't respond to emails or texts. :)
  7. NSAndy

    Sugar Daddy Sites

    I've used SA and whatsyourprice. I have developed decent relationships on both of those sites, but both sides have to be ok with the agreement. Being upfront really helps things out - but realize it's not a one way relationship like an SP. You also can't expect to pay someone a low rate and expect results. A lot of these sites are made for the wealthy, not someone who would complain about $150 USD. Overnights with escorts can be $1200+, why would someone advertising on a sugar site expect less? Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum which Savannah mentioned - which is someone just thinking they will go out to date someone for $200+, have a good time and go home alone. That's why you have to be upfront with what you want, or you're just wasting time. There are a number of escorts to advertise on the sites, and that's ok. Honestly, I think the best way to "get what you want" is to find a person via lyla or LL, do an incall, see if you get a long and then discuss the prospect of going on a paid date (if the provider is open to this with you, or even does this in general) to get to know one another, and then discuss multi-hour arrangements.
  8. yes, this should be in the warning section. thanks for letting us know. sorry to hear this happened.
  9. Thank you - almost booked with her the other day. She changed her name already and going to probably change it over and over.. one to watch for sure. Cheers
  10. Yeah, didn't know if that was kosher or not.
  11. Hey guys, I know this is Lyla and all, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to add an escort to escort babylon. I had a pretty terrible date and kinda want to let people know so they don't get ripped off. Cheers