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  1. Mrp1

    Melana at LeoList

    She takes it down when she is not in town but if she is in town the above link will take you to it .. She comes a couple of times a month she said ..
  2. Mrp1

    Melana at LeoList

    When to see Melana (AKA Tamika) to night on a whim her pics made me do it and they did not disappoint she is very real and easy to talk to . I did not know what to expect as I had read reviews that it was strictly massage with happy ending ,nothing could be farther from the truth Hug and a Kiss at the door then on to a great massage the experience was very GFE what happened between us shall stay that way because YMMV but that room got Hot and Steamy with any lady .NOT A clock watcher she is amazing .....Repeat HELL YA !
  3. Dude Don't hesitate ... She'll rock your world ..
  4. Mrp1

    Shantie BLE

    Shantie is Independent now and is awesome !
  5. Welcome can’t wait to meet you 

  6. No but @dirtyblondesteph has a Travel rate if it's that you just cant drive to city maybe pick a spot 1/2 way and get a hotel . there are some others that do as well .
  7. Check with Dirty Blonde Steph she was doing NURU
  8. Mrp1

    Escorts of Charlottetown?

    I believe @ShantieMtl is in town over there right now .
  9. Mrp1

    Miss Shantie

    There are reviews on the Nova Scotia review form .. trust me you don’t want to miss out .. 💦 I have seen he several times !
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/dom-fetish/nova-scotia/halifax_other_elite_european_mistress_dominatrix_and_master_of_her_craft-3605620
  11. I have been with both Kylie and Steph not together it would be an amazing experience. You want to have a nap before and drink lots of water cause it’s going to get hot and steamy !
  12. Mrp1

    Sweet Sierra

    I emailed her the other day she replied ! I have only tried calling once but with no luck..Unfortunately she is awesome!
  13. Mrp1

    Hobbying in the world.

    I've been to AMPs in Texas but the form I was using for recon got shut down ! Baltimore was sparse for providers on the form there was very little chatter all I could find was strip clubs and every thin was a go for the most part but $$ + for a vip room / her plus donations. Some bars girls were very open about vip menu others not so much .
  14. Mrp1

    Sugar Daddy Sites

    It’s pretty simple if you think it’s to high don’t do it or try it once see if Membership Really have its benifits ! It’s different strokes for different folks . everyone thinks the price of gas cigarettes and alcohol is too high yet pepople still partake ! Looking for enjoys the benifits he uses the site those who haven’t don’t know . I haven’t but I can only imagine it’s a whole other experience .