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    clean cut type of guy that likes to work hard and play hard

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  1. marc123

    how you like to meet your sp

    I also like the girl to be dressed casual and just being herself (dressed). It makes it seem like you don't know what to expect and it doesn't come across as a job making it more exciting. I also let the girls know in advance. I will also sometimes ask for them to be wear jeans.
  2. recommendations are not always has good as they are described and the chatting room can be very time consuming. I like PM with the ladies and get a pretty good idea if we are going to connect well. I agree communicating with them for a while is important to get to know them before just walking into a room with them for the first time. So how do you find you next lady. Build yourself a list of ladies over time you wish to see and when you get tired of all the different ladies go back to the ones (few) you really enjoyed being with. This is what I am working on now. I have met some great ladies and look forward meeting them soon.
  3. I agree they are all great. its how you connect with them.
  4. marc123

    Question...Was I wrong?

    All good points. However it was best that you both did not meet. As mentioned above their are many good ladies on this site (if not all). I think it just went off on the wrong foot.
  5. marc123

    Which do you prefer?

    Brunette Beer or wine
  6. marc123

    I love tattoos !

    tattoo's are nice on girls, but not to many. Myself I would have like one on my forearm or biceps but I think it would only look right if I had large forearms and biceps. Therefore I remain a clean cut type of guy.
  7. :icon_smile: Someone smiling at me really works for.
  8. marc123

    help with abreviations

    I would need a cheat sheet. I think some of the girls are creating new abbreviation's as they go. I hope girls on this site keep it simple for me and use the site abb. list provided.
  9. marc123

    I like boobies!

    I love them too. But that is one to many or one short. I prefer adding one.
  10. marc123

    Would you?

    This is easy. If your interested in him it could be the end of your profession. If it was me going forward. We all know the rules and we can be friends and good friends.
  11. congratulations I look forward in getting caught up with you postings
  12. marc123

    Ethics in Advertising?

    Does not make sense to me why someone would waist their time on dating site unless they are trying to get new clients to open their eyes to this industry. I definitely don't think there is a lack of clients and good ones.
  13. marc123

    Second phone

    I will look into the 2 profile balance option with my BB Z10 and advise the members that are looking for a solution by using one phone.
  14. I am new to this industry. I always tip and I include it my envelope whether it is good or bad. Because of some bad experience (fake pictures, fake advertising) I request the minimum time with the lady. Example if she offers HH service and it is not a good situation you can leave quick, still leaving the tip. If you like the situation than take the full hour or more and including addition tip. 20% seems to work well for me and the ladies want you to return to see them. It also gets better when you return to them.