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  1. that is true, but hey, those of us i n SJ need visitors too! :)
  2. mmhmm damn that is a beautiful ass!!
  3. mmmm can't wait till you are back in saint john again when everything gets back to normal!! mmhmm gorgeous!!
  4. mmm that is good to know!! looking forward to my next visit Megan!!
  5. Sophia, I am very grateful you have come through this and I hope others learn from your experiences and can protect themselves in the same way you have. :)
  6. Perfect. well let's see if that helps! lol i have a feeling your skills will be required for many years to come! :) lol
  7. Well I'm sure glad you are there to "straighten them out", so to speak! lol Keep up the good work. Maybe you can give a tutorial in how to search images while you are at it! Seems to be another opportunity for more sarcasm, i mean instruction! :) :)
  8. Nothing is worth not being safe. Whether that be screening or using protection, you only get one life, you deserve to live it, not be a victim of a monster like that. And if you lose a client, maybe that was a client that was worth losing. Stay safe ladies! Prayers to your peer and all others who have perished at the hands of assholes like that guy. Fuck that article makes me so upset and so angry. I'll never understand how someone can be so cruel. Regardless of who someone is or what her occupation may be, no woman should become a victim to sexual or domestic abuse or assault, and absolutely no woman deserves to have her life taken at the hands of a bastard like that. NO ONE! Stop all violence toward women now! Please be safe ladies and screen everyone. Sorry for the preaching, but this is just so upsetting to me.
  9. I almost laughed out loud when i read the "don't want to be sarcastic" part Greenteal !!! Of course you meant ot be sarcastic! :) And yes i agree, that page is a must read when traveling!
  10. Anyone have any feedback on her? feel free to pm https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_saint_john_new_open_all_menu_36d_sexy_girl_guarantee_busty-5800737
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