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  1. New East Indian attendant super pushy and money Hungry, I was surprised as it has been a go to place for a long time.
  2. Plus the relaxation will help with the sugaring process after.
  3. Dave hit the nail on the head incredible location great providers there
  4. I agree qith panninforgold, I have now seen both better and veronica for sugaring and tbey are both incredible. Truthfully they are extremely professional when it comes to the sugaring, such a good job and constantly paying attention to see how you are doing. I concur as well regarding looks, both better and veronica are incredibly sweet and beautiful workers, i can't recommend highly enough, their prices are excellent for this industry and the quality of work is excellent.
  5. I was there maybe 6 months ago, no extras, quality relaxation massage from a lady in her 60s.
  6. What pretzel said... but it also helps if you aren't a pussy.
  7. Alright boys, now that the restrictions are lifted enough for spa services I decided on a whim that I was going to finally tackle the way overdue manzillian. I decided to try the studio, which was closed throughout the entire pandemic for our safety and theirs which I have to respect. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/the-studio-massages-body-sugaring-members-only/1484882344 I was able to book quickly and easily with a quick text and saw Veronica. The service was excellent, professional and gave a quality result. Their prices are in line with competition so in that respect I would highly recommend and absolutely will repeat. As you can see I have tried several places for sugaring and waxing in Winnipeg and will openly admit I prefer sugaring without a doubt. Veronica is professionally trained and Betty is as well so you can expect a good outcome and a pleasant visit. Ps. The next sugaring service I hope to try is Mona Lisa to compare as I would say the studio is the high bar in quality. If you want any further information please feel free to dm me.
  8. Lacey is a wonderful provider and great person. She is down to earth and easy going, but also wonderful nd enthusiastic in bed. Couldn't possibly recommend her with anymore enthusiasm.
  9. She i certainly not everyone's cup of tea, she is a sweet somewhat homely chinese lady with big breasts. I just liked that during the massage she was a good teaser and i enjoyed the ass play, she was at pheonix and then stadacona but haven't seen her in a couple months.
  10. I can see some understanding and a few people going of the rails with this topic. I want to be clear, i was in no way suggesting SP's should offer discounted rates, I was just saying that I have a few regular sp's I see who are struggling right now and offered to see me for a little less than the usual rate, I believe as an effort to get someone through the door so they can keep their lights on. I wasn't at all suggesting anyone should blatantly across the board ask for discounts from random providers, I was just asking if my situation was isolated. I went to a massage parlour I think 2 weeks ago and now i am not going anywhere but work/gas/grocery store and home in my efforts to try and flatten the curve. I however don't think it's fair to judge travelling SP's as harshly, there are a million circumstances that landed them where they are right now and I am sure none of them are putting themselves in anymore risk than you and I, while we go to the grocery store and touch the things hundreds of other people have touched. Just my 2 cents not intended to fan the flames or anything.
  11. very intelligent well thought out post. I personally have been approached by some SP's I have a little bit of a relationship with offering a little more for a little less, I won't lie it is tempting... that being said when I surf Leo, the girls prices remain the same on there and some are even doing clever marketing about their cleanliness, that being said to each their own I was just more curious how other pooners are handling this.
  12. what happened to sophie from stadacona.... I don't know why but she was a guilty pleasure at times.
  13. So with the Global pandemic and all going on, the few SP's I talk to are struggling to make ends meet. Have any of you received any offers for reduced rate services to encourage you to poon on even though most doors are being closed to strangers? Just a simple question I am curious to hear people's feedback on this subject.
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