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  1. Jaisat said she is Bengali not East Indian. Hard pass for me.
  2. Hey there was only one Einstein & one newton. Rest of the unanimous ones are either apples or light bulbs. It’s alright.
  3. It feels like you work there or are hired by the business to do what ur doing here. Is your ego so small that you have to say negative things to people when they are just sharing their experience. You are not only pathetic a complete loser who have nothing to do other than posting here.
  4. Maybe it’s time you let one of these places you are white knighting about, make you happy. Clearly your hands are not doing a good job calming you down fela.
  5. For your information I did. They offered me another attendant if I wait 30 min. For what?! I just shared my experience. I was very clear i had good experience there prior. But double booking is absolute no no. Didn’t expect it from this place. That’s all.
  6. So you should not book two at a time. Simple.
  7. Called to book appointment with someone specific. Was told fully booked. Than get a text someone canceled, so I can book. When on my way get a text, they can’t take me anymore cause the person booked is coming. 5 minutes later another text, I will get the appointment and they will tell the other person to come another time. I said just let the other person come I will book another time. Was told they said no to him to give me the appointment. Now I have to go. I end up going and now my attendant left and they are asking me to see someone else. I didn’t want to go into all that detail before. But since people want to know!! They actually double booked and apologized on a previous appointment, when they reopened. I thought that was genuine mistake. But this time, not so sure if it’s a honest mistake.
  8. Bait & switch. Thought this place is cool. Molly & Jenny was good previously when I went. But today it happened.
  9. Executive bath shut down and fined 2500 by health authorities. Maintain social distancing not worth the risk.
  10. They should just close for now. Stay safe people, or you May become forever relaxed.
  11. Pic on K, is not current. So I will pass. Massage skill 4/10, Looks 3/10, Overall experience 3.5/10. Also i booked ahead and she did no show on my first appointment. So I was attended by someone who doesn’t do massage regularly. Felt ripped off.
  12. Was told back to China during the breakout.
  13. The East Indian game in Winnipeg is a bit shady. Overpriced and below average service. And we know about the Notorious SIMPLE MEHTA AKA SIMI MEHTA. Stay safe people. There’s lots of good service available other than this.
  14. One of the girl told me Chinese guy infront says he is a doctor keeps most of the tips. Maybe that’s why the girls are not interested in providing good service. I avoid this place if I can. Nothing special here. Hailey is good though but heard she is not a regular there anymore.
  15. 353 and Sakura same owner just different name.
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