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  1. I can only second that! Lila is a breath if fresh air, beautiful and alluring with her Moroccan almond eyes, long wavy hair and sexy curves. Her mouth skills are a delight and not just with her sensual kisses… and the things she does with her pelvis are mind blowing! Nothing fake about her - she is a natural beauty and talent! Treat her like the gem she is and you will be rewarded tenfold!
  2. Her ad says she is online only.
  3. I contacted her on the listed number, set up a time for a session and when I followed up to confirm, she (or someone) texted back from a different number hours after the set time. Very fishy. Not worth my time!
  4. I have met 6 YFL gals so far and NONE had an unattractive face nor body. Different personalities, yes, but all delivered on their services and remember: variety is the spice of life! 😉
  5. I texted her for a session on Tuesday. We agreed on a time and when I asked for her incall location - crickets. Got a reply today (2 days later) she apologized for the late reply LOL. Never got to meet her. Not reliable.
  6. I agree 100% Valentina French is the full GFE package with soft skin, gorgeous breasts and a bubbly personality. The time went by too fast. I‘ll book a longer session with her next time!
  7. Good to know there is a trickle down effect that may actually benefit the SP. Then they should have the decency and post real pictures. BTW, I don’t think we’re talking about the same girl here. Who knows how many different Asian girls and women are part of this dishonest scheme?
  8. I agree. The lack of English is not an issue. The false advertising and increased likelihood that the girls/women are being trafficked is!
  9. It’s your typical bait and switch. The Asian girl that welcomed me did not look at all like the girl on the LL ad and could barely speak English. I turned around and left.
  10. I contacted her just now. Looks like she’s on Weldon St. I’ll TOFTT and let y’all know!
  11. I can only echo the positive reviews. I saw Ferrari today and she makes her Alias proud: Hard to tame once unleashed! 😉She’s the full GFE package and I will definitely return.
  12. I found another ad from Nov. No reviews though. Spidey senses are tingling… too hot to ne true? I would proceed with caution! https://secrethostess.com/3466285/
  13. Checked Leena out today. Her other alias is Angel with a NB are code. Pictures and age are misrepresented but not an unattractive SP, who offers very basic services only and is very business like. I will not return.
  14. I did not find a review for Jada, 25 on here so I thought I’d leave one because she deserves it: Found her on LL Moncton. She’s from Halifax but says she lives in Toronto and is visiting the Maritimes. She is petite, a bit shy, has a super pretty face with luscious lips, long hair, perfect breasts (pierced nipples) and a nice butt. She checks all the boxes, good safe service (no kissing on lips, unfortunately) and gives an awesome BJ and HJ! Will definitely return! She offers duos as well.
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