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  1. It all depends on what you are looking for. While some of the local ladies are satisfactory, they do not offer what the Montreal girls offer in certain senses. I would love to support the local ladies more, but if they don't meet my needs, I will wait for something that does. I've wasted too much money hoping to find what I am looking for to blindly support local girls just because they are local. P.S. - and yes, I've attempted to see/have seen Ivona/Barbie/other local girls and have had numerous negative experiences.
  2. She has already left for Cape Breton 😞
  3. Does anyone know if this is the former "Juicy Jess". I always wanted to see her. Those that have seen her - did she have a mole on her face by her nose?
  4. Does anyone know if she is still based in halifax or when she comes here next?
  5. I'm surprised the sluthes here haven't figured out this is former addictive barbie. I think she went by Zorba for a bit. Looks like she is maybe trying to hide her tattoos for some reason in this new ad, but pic #6 shows a tattoo on her hand.
  6. I suspect with Covid cheques no longer rolling in that we will see returns of many MIA providers. ....but recommendations are good always!
  7. Just on a side note about why this board doesn't allow negative reviews. I have a thought..... This is a Canada-wide board - lots and lots of escorts could be negatively reviewed. Now, imagine how many emails/private messages the mods would get from these SP's once they find out someone is "talking shit" about them? The threats the mods would get...the headaches...and all the SP's/"managers" who would flood the board with negative reviews - would YOU want to deal with that? Just sayin.... Even if, say, the board allowed established members with high ratings to be allowed to give negative reviews or charged a membership fee to weed out certain people, it probably still wouldn't work.
  8. Little tip if you want to avoid a risky area. A friend was privy to some info about a concern by the Dartmouth Police about Windmill Rd/hotels on Windmill and certain streets in that area. I guess there has been a lot of recent activity in the hotels and some private residents in that area. Probably already a no-go zone for many, but keep an extra heads up if you are seeing anyone in this area.
  9. A girl stole her pics? Or a girl went out and got all the same tattoos? Was also interested in seeing her cause of past reviews. Changed my mind after seeing recent ad.
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