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  1. Relax with Tara, 61 yrs, 5'6, 38D natural, 30", 38", in an upscale, clean apartment. Very experienced in helping men to relax in a friendly, comfortable environment with many options for your pleasure including soft music, adult movies, warm unscented oil. Independent provider with 22 years' in the Vancouver area. $150 per hour by appointment, hours vary to suit your schedule. Special attention to all safety precautions at all times, not just during the pandemic. Email: [email protected] Phone: 604 669 8005 no texts please
  2. $25 per 15 minutes with Tara, a warm and friendly personality to share some personal conversation pertaining to the more intimate, private side of your life. Age 61, 38D natural, 30", 38", 150lbs I enjoy polite, intelligent men with a flare for naughty humor who are comfortable with their sexuality and have a sense of fun without being needlessly crude. Email me for the link to my cam show site so we can first do a test to ensure it works well with your device for both sound and images. [email protected]
  3. He had been drinking and was impotent and could not get anywhere no matter what services I gave him to try and get him even a bit erect. Normally I can tell over the phone when someone has been drinking and don't take them at all. I even gave me more services than he paid for in an effort to please him. I gave him money back and could not wait for him to leave, but don't want a repeat of that night if I can avoid it.
  4. Need advice on best way to handle a client who is making verbal threats to trash your apartment if you won't return his money after services have been provided for no apparent reason other than buyer's remorse? Even if you call the cops, they would never get there in time to help you and it would be your word against his anyway that he made the threats and who needs the embarrassment such a situation would bring to you, so you are intimidated into refunding the money. It's a tactic men use to get free services from the fearful independent provider. Best just to cut your losses and refund the money and block his number?
  5. I'm always suspicious of men who just want to sit and "chat awhile" especially after I told them to put their things on this chair and they sit in it instead and ask if they can chat a few moments and haven't paid me yet. Once they pay me, I expect them to do as I asked them to. If they don't it usually means they are trying to get more services than was agreed to on the phone and not pay anything extra or they are trying to obtain personal information from me that is none of their business. (how many clients do you see in a day, do you have kids etc.) Discussions about services on the menu for the money being paid needs to be done prior to the booking so any chit chat can be done as the booking is in progress otherwise the man has to expect it will come out of the time he booked and not that the SP is going to give him additional time once the chit chat is over. Mostly it's door to door for the time booked otherwise it would be next to impossible for her to schedule her own time around his booking.
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