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  1. Let's not make this a space where we even mention that rumours exist 🙂
  2. I have a number of Onlyfans subscriptions that have lead to further online services. Some in the form of videos or pictures and others in the form of wholesome texts. It isn't the same as an in-person connection but it has certainly been worth the investment for myself.
  3. I noticed that the local Global TV news site (Halifax) posted a story about local Onlyfans creators seeing an increase in traffic due to the pandemic. It may be too early to say if it will contribute to reducing stigma but it is certainly giving broader exposure to online sex work and different varieties of sex worker.
  4. I'm afraid the one male sp that I have seen is (from what I gather) no longer working. Wish I had seen him more.I've been moderately curious about some others but not enough to make contact.
  5. I was very apprehensive but also intrigued back in 2011, when I first became a client. It was exciting making contact, making arrangements, and then actually meeting. I felt like I had peeked behind a curtain and stepped into a hidden world. I liked then, as I do now, having part of my life that consist of private moments shared between individuals.
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