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  1. hello everyone 😘 i’ll be visiting miramichi for a couple weeks at the end of this month! pre booking now ! 5065027613 hailey 😘
  2. Hello everyone ❤️ i’ll be in saint john on june 22nd looking forward to seeing you all 💞 5065027613
  3. also something to keep in mind , i’m not sure who this is about , but from my experience just in the last year more and more clients come in to cause problems / or try to not pay sometimes , or they will get in the room sit down chat for a bit then be like oh okay i changed my mind , meaning they wasted 5 mins of time with no payment, i’ve never seen that happen so much other then this past year , and not just to me , as well as counting the money, many clients try to give the wrong amount so it’s always best to count it , now i have no choice but to ask for .. at the door when they come in to avoid time wasters , especially with the low rate of clients these days . i can’t afford to do that in my personal experience.
  4. I can second this , i stopped travelling for a while because of covid , i recently started travelling again and it is not worth it at all, with the hotels / gas / food , i’m spending way more then i’m even making . There is always people asking if certain SPs travel to certain city’s , then when the time comes they are a no show . or they don’t want to see you anymore . this is why people don’t travel, and why there is less and less SPs in my opinion, the amount of no shows , and the amount of people who try to “low ball” is exhausting, same for me , if it wasn’t for my regulars now , it just seems like there is no point anymore ..
  5. Hello everyone ! i have decided to come early so i am hosting at a hotel in saint john 😊 hope to see you all soon! xo 😘
  6. Hello everyone 💞 I’ll be travelling to saint john May 26th (bit of a short notice) but i am pre booking now 🤩 hope to see you all soon 😍
  7. i have tried clearing my cookies, cache, switching from wifi to data, private browser to not private , google and safari , nothing is working to see the list .
  8. i’ve also contacted them, they said the same thing . so i think everyone having problems should be contacting them
  9. For me i can see all city’s NB sometimes , sometimes not, and then moncton section never works .
  10. yes!! that has been happening to me, i thought it was only me !!
  11. Hello 😊 This many be different for everyone so i’ll speak on myself , i used to travel up north area quite often! Unfortunately over time and more recently this year, there hasn’t been a high enough demand. The price of hotels / Travel expenses, plus more , is expensive, and though it may used to be well worth the trip (for myself), unfortunately, more recently, i found myself going and it wasn’t worth it by the time i left 😕 It’s much easier, and feels more secure for SP to want to travel up north if hobbyist would pre book! (usually by a deposit) but it seems now people will pre book, but do not want to send a deposit, which would effect my time and income , if they decide to change there mind just because. If enough people were willing to pre book in advance i’d be more then willing to come back regularly again up north.
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