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  1. in regards to @MsManda, @SarahAlexxx and @Cheeky.char, I can definitely second this...all very sweet souls.
  2. I had the opportunity to visit Sarah, and I have to echo the sentiments made here by others. She describes herself as a "bundle of chaos" with "fiery green eyes"...classic case of under promising and over delivering, because her description, as well as her pictures, don't really prepare you for meeting her in person. Truly a breathtaking beauty, and much more than just another pretty face. She described her incall as cozy and chaotic...I can definitely agree on the cozy part. Overall, it was an incredible experience, and she is definitely an empath, knowing the exact things to say to put me at ease and to provide true excitement. An exceptional young lady, and a definite repeat visit. She deserves all the success, and I'll expand upon the previous ratings to say 20/10.
  3. I will definitely attest to the fact that Manda's OnlyFans is hotter 🔥 than a summer heat wave, and a steal at $6.99 for the first month. I emphasize first, because you'll want to stick around after that.
  4. I fully realize that this first one doesn't apply for sex workers, but I have seen shirts saying "vaxxed guys get creampies" Then there is "thick thighs and immunized"
  5. Definitely all facing future lower back problems.
  6. I haven't seen any of yours on pics...now I'm intrigued, haha
  7. I am a fan of tattoos in general...I believe they are a way of expressing personality, and can be symbolic of parts of your life...or they can simply be fun. I am *ahem* old enough to remember when tattoos were much more scarce...you'd rarely see them on anyone except for sailors, or maybe your grandfather, who had some crude ones symbolizing time served in war. Fond memories though. Those times are past, and most have accepted that. My opinion would be to go get what you want done, have fun and be proud of it. Clients who were attracted to your personality before will still be attracted to that now. Your personality includes the desire to express yourself through body art. A client who doesn't appreciate that wouldn't mesh with your personality, and therefore would not be as fulfilling an experience for either of you. Go get inked and have some fun! Be careful though...the buzz of that needle can be addictive😉
  8. I have to preface that I am new to the community, and this was my first visit to a provider. That said, i can't imagine I could have picked anyone better for my first visit. Manda knew it was my first visit, and made sure that I felt comfortable with reassuring touches and easy, fun conversation. It was like a matter of minutes before I felt like I was enjoying myself with a long time friend. I had seen many pictures of Manda prior to meeting her, and while they certainly tell a tale of her beauty, they really only scratch the surface, because she is so much more beautiful than I realized. A sparkling personality, gorgeous smile, and playful, sexy touches. I left my visit with Manda thoroughly satisfied and completely invigorated. It may have been my first visit, but it definitely will not be my last. I know she is far from hidden because of her reputation and sheer number of positive reviews, but I'm happy to have found a gem.
  9. Stephanie, I think you're brave to be able to share the story, but I am so sorry this happened to you. I'm glad to see a community here that is supportive of SWs, and helps them network.
  10. Great interview, Sarah...and I agree with Lydia's last line, after bantering with you on Twitter...you are amazing!
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