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  1. I had the distinct pleasure of having some incredible intimate time with Ava. Fun, energetic, sensuous...she is all of these and much more. She understands the importance of intimacy and a connection, and that is oh so important. She's about to embark on tour, so if any gentleman come here looking for insight on whether to meet with her...what are you waiting for? Go book! Oh...also, you'll notice she doesn't show her face in any of her photos or videos. Let me simply say, breathtaking! I think the beauty of her face could only be matched by that of her heart!
  2. If this is "always" being told to you, and "many" try to diagnose you...YOU are the common factor here. I don't know about the gaslighting, but I do know denial isn't just a river in Egypt. To everyone else...I'm sorry, yes, I know that was lame. I have my brilliant moments, today isn't one of them.
  3. If safety is important to you, I think you have to realize that safety is an incredibly important factor for these ladies. Also, if your emotional safety is that much of a concern, it might be better to consider a different hobby until that is under control. I don't say that in a rude or condescending way...you can't convey tone over text. Emotional regulation isn't easy, so if you have any issues in that area, you have my sympathy.
  4. Or maybe politely ask if they would have a short conversation with you, with an offer to compensate for their time?
  5. I understand the desire, and the rationale from your side. The reality for these ladies is it is not practical, nor is it safe. As @MsManda pointed out, it would be very easy to arrange a meet and then follow them when they leave. as @SarahAlexxx said, it's her job to make sure you feel well looked after. Read her reviews...they'll tell you if she's good at her job. (They all agree, btw,,,she is)
  6. Your expectations are completely out of line. I am probably the worst new client ever for approaching things the right way, and not following proper protocol...I'm lucky that the lovely ladies I have met were patient and gracious, but they didn't have to be. I would love to spend time with them anywhere, anytime, and they likely know that, haha...but I would never ask anything like what you suggest. Their jobs are hard enough already. Don't make them harder, and respect them and their time.
  7. Nice…that’s how I feel about a good, juicy, medium rare steak
  8. again with the Disney...is @SarahAlexxx secretly a Disney Princess? @Cheeky.char so cool to see the comeraderie between you both...and the banter with you both is top notch!!
  9. Well, Simba is kind of gentle, subtle...I know one other fav Disney character however they don't seem very gentle at all...though they would likely make a great tattoo. I'd have to know some other fav Disney characters or properties for a proper suggestion.
  10. I don't think you need to feel guilty, but you are absolutely right
  11. Finding Nemo is indeed an adventure with @MsManda, and a worthy one. For that matter, hunting Simba with @SarahAlexxx is an adventure as well. And I'm not just some crazy Disney fan....some may debate on the crazy part of that.
  12. I've struggled with mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, for all of my adult life. I've read through some of the stuff from others, and some great advice. I've made some great advances in the last year. But, I have some very uncomfortable truths for you. You play a part in your own mental health. The biggest part. Yes, you can go to therapy, which is great. Don't be afraid of medication...some people think they are weaker for using it, but if a doctor thinks it would be beneficial, it would be beneficial. Here's where the uncomfortable truths come in. Own your own mistakes. If something goes wrong, and you played a part in it, take responsibility...don't make excuses, don't pass blame on someone else. Stay away from negativity. Stay away from negative people. As easy as it may be to do, don't entertain rumours and gossip, and don't contribute to them. If it's intended to tear someone down, cut that shit out now. If you're wasting time and energy tearing someone else down, that's time and energy that could be better served in building yourself up. The better you become, and work towards being a better person, the better you will feel.
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