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  1. Bonjour gentleman, Usually, before using a provider as a reference, do you reach out to them to ask if they agree to do so? Yes or No? Please feel free to elaborate on the topic in the comment Thank you and have a lovely day
  2. https://www.missemilybeauchamp.com/testimonies There you go!
  3. For Ottawa I did tried it and will unfortunately not go back due to some reasons already discuss on an other forum, there is unfortunately a phenomenon of "fake booking" going on in that city which made the management of my schedule a real challenge during my stay there!.. Winnipeg is on my list for a midwest tour next May with Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna ❤️
  4. Bonjour Gentleman ❤️ I do not have a no review policy, you can already found reviews on my website from other forum in the appropriate section as already mention in this thread! This forum is mainly use for Halifax and not so much yet in the other city where I am based or tour, so it might explain why! It's my first time in Halifax and I been here for 4 days so it can also be an other reason ❤️
  5. I feel more comfortable hosting in an Hotel for the exact reasons just mention above!
  6. Bonjour 🥰 Please list your recommendation for SP friendly Hotel down below ❤️
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