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  1. Wow! Smokin’ hot!!!
  2. Finch20


    I'm dying to give this a kiss!
  3. Finch20


    Absolute perfection! I must get to kiss and worship this soon!
  4. Finch20


    You definitely look great in jeans! Very, very hot!!!
  5. I was very lucky to meet Kylie recently. She exceeded all expectations! A very passionate, beautiful lady. One of the best experiences I have ever had, and I will be repeating as often as I can. Very, very highly recommended.
  6. Finch20

    For you Finch

    Absolutely love the jeans!!!
  7. Finch20

    Just for you Finch

    Very beautiful! Thanks for adding the picture!
  8. Orange Calvin Klein briefs. Very comfortable!
  9. Finch20

    Smokin' Hot!!!
  10. Finch20


  11. Finch20


    You are a goddess!
  12. Finch20


    I've just added to my Christmas wish list! Damn that looks mighty fine!
  13. Appears to be the same Kellye who has visited Halifax: http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=221718&highlight=Kellye I haven't seen her yet, but hope to if she returns to Halifax. Not sure if link works, not the best with computers, but check Halifax for some details.
  14. Finch20


    If we ever meet, please wear this as you are smokin hot!!! I would love to worship you!!!
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