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  1. I would strongly suggest seeing Stephanie when she is there. She is the best!
  2. Allie is a one of a kind lady. Fit, beautiful, and full of energy. She has the ability to make you loose time and feel like you are 10 years younger. Very sensual and attactive. A most visit anytime she is available.
  3. Of course you could always visit Stephanie. She is definately a must do while visiting Halifax
  4. @maltego7 I couldn't agree more. I tried writing a post yesterday but it didn't post for some reason. @StephanieMystique is truely one of a kind. She is a gem. The connection we have made is more like a friendship (with benefits of course). She has an extremely warm and inviting personality. She is very determined to succeed in everything she approaches. I look forward to every opportunity I get to see her and usually end up extending dates so we can have more time together. Stephanie is one of those people that can and will connect with anyone who is open, honest, and kind. I am extremely lucky to call her a friend and enjoy every moment I get to talk to her about personal and business issues. Treat this one of a kind lady with kindness and respect. She deserves it.
  5. Just met Amy French in Charlottetown. WOW! Her personality is beyond description. Pictures and description are 100% accurate. One of the nicest providers I have ever met. She is definately a must see. I don't write reviews but had to for this one. Book her now! Thank me later.
  6. This is what makes Stephanie one of the best
  7. In all fairness she was doing dous with Everleigh at first. Had good reviews. Advertised rates etc. Was very legit. I think she may have met the devil when she was doing good. Seems like Everleigh has pretty much left her, probably for good reason. Everleigh is a great girl.
  8. Very nice addition. I would be interested in knowing more
  9. Travelling into B.C. for a night from the east coast at the end if June. Staying at River Rock Casino for one night. Wondering if any recomendations of somewhere close by. Is it safe to walk to? Haven't had Dongguan service before. Is it worh it? Or best to stick with regular GFE? Thanks in advance
  10. Has anyone met Eva in Charlottetown? Tried texting once and said she does not accept cash, so I backed out. Seems to only advertise in Charlottetown and has a 902 number. Any intel on her?
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