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  1. Ask the rmt. Normally short underwear helps them to work. Full naked sometimes hard for them to keep the drape secure. You normally can ask them, how they prefer short underwear or naked’. Though they can drape you in any way.
  2. It’s better to ask receipt before booking anywhere if receipt matters to you. Now most of the therapists Mentioning Rmt & receipts (even if they can’t provide) because kijiji otherwise not allowing ads.
  3. True. It’s better to have experience. Hard to judge someone with one visit. As both sides feels uncomfortable in a 1st visit. Thanks Bowtie
  4. Reason? Almost all threads your replies are same. Can you be specific please?
  5. You can read her thread from before, jazz/annie both E.Indians are good. Massage & everything.
  6. Hard to believe. Reason? Sometimes we say if the attendance doesn’t prefer us also 😅
  7. Should be Sunhope at ness (East Indian) people pronounce differently Annie/ani/any
  8. Ani at Sunhope. Also rmt (student) professional massage. please don’t discuss DND on public, inbox Bergvolk or me. jazz at qui.
  9. Hi, you may check the rules, don’t use any AKA as their can be valid cause for different names.
  10. Yes worth to visit good massage.
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