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    My name is Paul from Toronto, Ontario. Mortgage Agent serving GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, and Southwest
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  1. Had an excellent experience with Jessica while she was touring in the area a couple months back and just recently had a chance to leave her a review> I try to review every provider I see so we can help each other weed out the real ones. Had a great time, she met me at the door of her incall location in exactly what I described for my wardroe requests and made me feel comfortable right away. We had a great time partying, I did an overnight and extended a bit so it turned into more of an overnight and day haha! Her pictures are real, her face is distractingly beautiful and she is legit. She was a little submissive I can tell thats her natural default although she says she can be dominant too if need be but I am not into that so I couldn't vouch for that part. You can tell she really enjoys what she does and she has a beautiful mind too and our conversations were wonderful. I highly recommend seeing her if she's touring in your area. She did not hesitate in sending me plenty of verification as well. Five stars
  2. Thats weird I had a good encounter with an escort named Ivory and i dont even see any ads up for her in nova scotia, I know she does online services but I don't see an ad. What phone number is it? I'm curious because I was going to use her for online services while i'm out of the province. May I ask who calee is? I can't seem to find Calee either.
  3. Hi everyone, Wanted to leave a stellar review for a terrific provider I had the pleasure of seeing recently and just got around to leaving a review for Ivory. I was able to catch her luckily with her busy schedule last time i was in the area and she was in the are and what a diamond in the rough! I have had my fair share of bait and switch or other tricks but she is the real deal. She is a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 in body and in personality. She didn't rush me, didn't watch the clock and was just as pleasurable to talk to as she was in more intimate ways. She took my wardrobe requests and she even helped me brainstorm ideas for fun role playing ideas and she knows how to party. So if you are a first timer or nervous about seeing someone i recommend this lovely girl she will make you feel like you have known her for years before you even meet. She didn't hesitate in providing verification like custom selfies, gps, hotel confirmation and several forms of social media so she really put my mind at ease about the advance. She was a little on the pricey side but you get what you pay for that's for sure. She has beautiful big doe eyes and a smile that will melt your heart she is absolutely adorable and you will enjoy every minute you spend with this rare one. If you can't see her in person ask for her online menu she has a very extensive online menu i plan on partaking in while we are in different provinces. don't miss your chance to connect with Ivory or you will miss out on a great time. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. You can find her on LL and on Secret Hostess i believe and possibly some other sites I found her on SH myself but I do know she said she recently got into LL as well. Thanks for reading and thank you Ivory for a great night and I hope to get to see you again someday stay smart and beautiful!
  4. HI there. I had the pleasure of meeting a very lovely young lady this most recent business trip to the area and wanted to be another one of her five star reviewers. Aspen is all she claims and more. She seemed a little pricey at first and as usual I was wary of sending any sort of security advance but she offered me an almost overwhelming amount of verification so I took a risk and I am happy I did. She is petite, curvy sexy and very fun to spend time with. I enjoyed our conversation almost as much as any other activities and she means what she says when she says she values a connection. So if you've been stalking her ad and are thinking of hitting her up, go ahead and shoot her a text and see if shes in the area. If she's not she also does online services which is something I will be partaking in down the road! Thanks Aspen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  5. Hey Friends, I recently saw an excellent provider while visiting the area and I wanted to give a shining 5 stars for Jesse Lee. She already had good reviews on other review sites so I felt comfortable booking with her especially after she offered me a ton of verification, something hard to get from a lot of verified providers. I had her come to me for an overnight party package and we had an amazing time. She doesnt have many rstrictions, although she stays safe, without revealing too much about her business practices you can ask her about that. If you've been checking her out and shes in your area I would recommend spending some time with her as she is one of the most easygoing and friendly SP's i've had the joy of meeting and when she say's she loves what she does she really means it. I'm not sure what I enjoyed more the conversation or the time in bed but I will surely be seeing her again. Thanks Jess! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐♥️ Also she doesnt have any face pictures on her ads but she's more than willng to provide one if you ask and trust me you won't be dissapointed!
  6. Hi everyone just wanted to leave a good review for Alice in Toronto! She's brand new to the scene so I wanted to make sure to give her a solid recommendation for being an excellent SP! She came to where I was staying and she looked even better in person than in the pictures she was well groomed and friendly and very experienced. We all know sometimes Security Deposits can be a little risky do I was wary at first but she gave me plenty of verification. We had a great time and ended up extending my visit because we were partying and having fun. I will definately see her again and I can definately give her a solid 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  7. HI there fella's just wanted to give a shout out to the most amazing SP in edmonton I've ran across so far JlLL!! She is amazing she makes you feel right at home, her prices are reasonable and she shows up!! I had her come for outcall and she was totally open to roleplay and wardrobe requests and although i was a little worried about the security f33 she totally made me feel comfortable offering me way more legitimate verifications than any other verified SP would ever give and I'm super glad I did!! Can't wait til i'm in the area for work again til then we will be doing online visits!! Love you Jill! SO MUCH FUN!! FIve stars!!
  8. I also saw her and was very pleased she was a very good provider. I highly recommend as well
  9. Hey guys! Ran across this thread and I also wanted to confirm that I saw Harley when she was visiting Calgary a few months ago and she is very much real and super awesome!! I have done a few online visits with her since and I can also say she is a breathe of fresh air to anybody looking to spend some time with a fun and sexy young female! I can't wait til she comes and visits Toronto soon which she said she was going to do, so I can see her again in person. Thanks for the review friend, and thanks Harley for the good times!
  10. I also saw her and you're right she does give amazing massages and I look forward to the next time she is in town and hopefully I can see her again!
  11. Honestly the last thing I want I purchased was a subscription to Netflix lol
  12. I've heard lots of other female friends say the same thing!
  13. How about this one: some women orgasm during childbirth. I read that when my ex wife as pregnant and when she heard she was terrified but thank god it didnt happen to her. Not sure if its an old wives tale but you know everything on the internet is true lol jk
  14. I think everyone else covered the gist of it but it seems to me like almost all of the providers require some kid of booking fee these days and who could blame them... from what i hear e arent the only ones getting scammed. But gift cards....idk that seems a little sketchy to me. I think an etransfer fee if reasonable amount is understandable if she or he has good reviews and is verified and has a good reputation but the general gift card aspect sounds pretty scammy. Theres literally no paper trail. I'd avoid that one.
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