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    Been seeing SP's for few years, wanted to share some information.
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  1. I’ve never been but as someone who has watched a lot of WWII documentaries I would be interested in seeing some of the relics from that period. AA concrete towers and other structures being built for the third Reich. Not to celebrate those structures or regime but to see that part of history.
  2. I recently had a friend come and tell me he was separating from his wife because he had been having an affair. It was over a period less than a year and he had tried to break it off. But the woman he was seeing threatened to expose the whole situation to his wife. So he decided to tell his wife first. Probably better than being exposed and he is still on speaking terms with his wife so in time they might work it out. But it is still a terrible situation. When he told me, I really wanted to share with him that I had been seeing escorts for the past 3-4 years. I have been married for about the same length of time as he had, around 2 decades. I had considered starting an affair but didn’t because of the risk of being exposed. But I didn’t share my experiences because it is something that nobody knows about and is entirely separate from my life. And a secret that I will take to my grave. I sometimes feel guilty for not regretting my decision to start seeing escorts. I have had the chance to meet some amazing women that I never would have otherwise. And my time spent with them has been priceless (ironically?). To bring this rambling to a conclusion I am a happily married man in a sexless marriage (yes it can be both). The women of the sex industry provide what many of us need. I can say that these women have not only saved my marriage but probably also my life. So I want to thank all of the sex workers for helping those of us who need you. And I’m sure there are others out there with similar stories.
  3. I had the same anxiety when I first started. I felt that my first visit would end up in me being arrested. Which didn’t happen - turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I read a lot and asked a lot of questions on the review boards. It isn’t really a big concern. As long as you aren’t soliciting in public or documented communication (texts/e-mail), you’re on pretty solid ground. Make sure you do your research that you are meeting a reputable woman and discuss your requests behind closed doors. Don’t ask for a menu, mostly because it is disrespectful. You’re meeting a person and paying for their time and discretion. This isn’t the US, we aren’t being policed on moral grounds. Just don’t be an ass, don’t be disrespectful, be discreet, and do your research. And enjoy.
  4. Been a few years since I saw her, but she is stunning. And curves for days.
  5. What a fire-cracker. She is a gifted lady with some very refined skills. I don't want to add any more as I don't want to include any graphic details...and there were many.
  6. Her massages are to die for. The rest of my experience with her was even better. I have only got a chance to see her once, she is in and out of town quite a bit. Fantastic experience for countless reasons.
  7. Smart, witty, fully of sass. She is a gem. I have seen her a couple of times. She is really something else. Someone you really should meet.
  8. Spectacular lady. I've seen her a number of times, not recently due to Covid. Witty, sexy, smart, and a great ass.
  9. I can't agree more. Spend the time doing research. And if you want to gamble then don't do it with someone who is requesting a deposit. Some escorts, for any number of reasons, might have to use a fake photo and might have a newer ad. But if there is no deposit required there is nothing for them to gain. I've never been scammed and I have jumped the gun on meeting someone who I found out was using fake photos - but as there was no deposit required there was less risk. (That being said I left my wallet and keys in the car just for added caution so that all I had on me was my donation.) In the current legal status in Canada it is still a risk for both parties. And there will always be those who try to scam the system.
  10. Yes, always check first. Some ladies are upfront about you using them as a reference so it is easy. Others it feels like asking your current employer to use them as a reference while you're still working and they didn't even know you were looking for a new job - a little awkward. And if any asked to be compensated for using them as a reference I think that would be more than resonable.
  11. I can't say that I've thought of it that way. But in a way I guess it makes sense. Depending on how busy the restaurant is, if I need a refill on my drink I would ask on the first chance the server came by and not expect them them to be there as I emptied my glass. Planning ahead helps and everyone has their own things to deal with. And unlike a server, escorts are business owners and have a lot more to deal with. So just because you "need" one on the spot doesn't mean they're going to jump to the pump for you. And even though they might be losing out, to maintain they're own sanity it might just be easier to deny you you're soup.
  12. Use a separate bank account if you need to cover your tracks. I doubt it would help legally, but an e-transfer would be circumstantial at best. And do your homework. Online presence, review boards, reverse image searches, alternate ads, ads posted in multiple cities at the same time, etc. If they are screening it also adds to the legitimacy as scammers likely would likely want to cast a wider net. If you think something doesn't sound right, don't send a deposit. Some ladies require a deposit every time even if you've met them before, too many time-wasters out there. I use it to save time getting cash and will often send the full amount - it is usually well received.
  13. I just went out and got a sperate phone that "doesn't exist". Using 7-11 Speak Out. Pay cash to top up the account. Use a separate e-mail and itunes account (and a back-up account for recovery, I use gmail and GMX). Use completely different passwords. Keep location services off. Maybe overkill, but depending on who you want to keep the the information away from. But the less it relates to any other account you have the harder it is for algorithms to find it (passwords are one way they relate accounts).
  14. Lyla seems to be picking up steam, I wouldn't dismiss it. Cafreviews is consistent and won't lead you wrong but seems to be a little less used. Tryst is trying to gain steam, will have to wait and see. Leolist has a lot of listings but I would venture to guess most are fake. Most of the verified ads seem pretty reliable. Twitter was ok if you followed the right people, but they've been clearing house so not so much anymore.
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