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  1. We? This sounds interesting. I will come to Moncton anytime, I’m on leave for another month.
  2. Save up and see @StephanieMystique, @Cheeky.char (my recommendation) or @Geekygirl902.
  3. Visiting, any spas or massage parlours offering HE? In town today only (Moncton)
  4. Everleigh May: Wow. I don't know what to say other than if you have the opportunity to meet Everleigh, run don't walk. She's busy enough with regulars that getting in as a new client is tough, but I'm so glad I was persistent. I booked 2 hours and wish I had booked 4. It was over in the blink of an eye and by the end of it, I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend and not someone I had just met 2 hrs prior. I'm not sure where she finds such passion, but she either really, really enjoyed herself or is an incredible actress. In-call was clean. Well-supplied shower was made available before and after our time together. Everleigh herself is just like her pictures, with a personality that makes a rising sun seem faded. I am totally hooked. Throw out the rest of your numbers...you won't need them anymore. Thanks so much, Everleigh. All the best, M
  5. It's funny that people who don't visit SW'ers are so quick to villify then and their clients, but are silent on the child slavery it took to make their phone, the slavery to pick their products, kids as young as 10 recently caught in El Lay working the night shift at a slaughter house because their little fingers are better at cleaning saw blades.
  6. Very well spoken but can't find any info https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/prince-edward/charlottetown_black_beautiful_hot_sexy_sara_is_back_for_all_your_needs-7035333?source=list
  7. Meant to get together with Tayah the last time she was here but it didn't work out. She promised she would message the next time she was on the Island and she did. We met and she looked amazing, the room was clean, and I felt at ease. We chatted for a bit before moving on to her primary skill-set, which was very impressive. We had a few good laughs and I liked her sarcastic bite. Definitely puts her personality into her work, which is always more fun. The hour was over before I knew it. Catch her while you can.
  8. I figured what the hell, let's see what happens. A very attractive Thai woman greets me, probably in her 40's but very youthful. I opted to skip the massage and get straight to the goods. Everything was perfectly satisfactory and I would visit again if I wanted an in and out style visit.
  9. Arranged to meet Yasmina for 30 minutes before committing to a full hr or 2. Asked multiple times during messaging that this would include full touching of body, full service, BJ etc. I get there and she asks if her duo can join. I say sure. Things get started and the Yasmina isn't exactly enthusiastic. When I'm ready for FS, she tells me she has her period and cant have sex and that I can be with her duo, who's like "I didn't sign up for fucking". Yasmina kept telling me that FS means finishing and not intercourse which is a total lie. When I called her on it, she just said well at least you got to finish (from her duo partner, not her). Stay away. Do not be enticed. Everytime I asked the type of service I was told "just show up and enjoy it" I will never see anyone at Charlottetown Inn and Conference again as it is the only place I get scammed.
  10. This visit was a long time coming. First off, Kimmy is super to deal with. Texts are quick and responsive. She's upfront with pricing, times, etc. Very much appreciated. Like all visits now, I like to arrive with a couple gifts and they were put to very good use. Thank you. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see a blonde! I have to say, I love the change. She's the real triple threat, Looks, Personality, and a Skill Set that is hard to match. Kimmy was very invested in me and my experience. You can tell she takes pride in making visits with her really exceptional. I left a very, very happy fellow. I think going forward I'll be waiting on @East Coast Kimmy and @Geekygirl902to come back to town and invest in a duo. I can't imagine the two of these lovely women together. They have definitely raised the bar on hospitality, comfort, pleasure and just letting you be yourself. Thank you Kimmy for the 2nd chance and I can't wait to visit in Halifax.
  11. My appt with Amarra ended at 7:10, it's 9:10 now. It was a 2 hr appt, my biggest investment both financially and in time with a companion. But since the first time I spotted her listing over a year ago in Halifax, I promised myself I would see her for 2 hours....regardless of the cost when she came to PEI. It was beyond anything I could have comprehended. I reached out same-day and as it was rather short notice I made sure to hit every point she listed in her ad when I messaged her. I also included a picture of her name, the date, the length of appt, and a redacted picture of my driver's license I had typed on my iPad, and then a selfie of myself holding iPad and ID. This was not asked for, but in my experience when dealing with an elite companion with extensive positive reviews they can be trusted and the whole process flows so much smoother when everyone is comfortable. I by no means do this lightly, but if the roles were reversed I would want to know who's coming to my door. I asked if I could bring her a few gifts for us to enjoy together and she was up-front with her comfort level and conditions, which was great because I could get something I knew would be enthusiastically received. When the time came and we met, it was like re-connecting with the ex that got away, or your girlfriend of 6 months. It had that electricity of newness. There was a great conversation around boundries and enthusiastic consent. The next 2 hours felt like 30 minutes. I won't say more other than the pictures are real, but do not do her justice nor just how petite she is. Do yourself a favour and go for the 2 hours. Anything less would be criminal, and you wouldn't get a chance to get that comfort level....if that's what your looking for. I mean, I'm not daft, I know it could be an act or a character but it felt authentic and so that is what I choose to see it as. Let Amarra bring calm to your stormy waters...life can be hell sometimes and you just need an experienced hand to help you relax. Written while enjoying the afterglow of a fantastic session, a joint, and Nirvana: Unplugged. M
  12. A beautiful, hilarious, young woman who looks like a sexier Selena Gomez. This was my first visit with Eva and her first tour with YFL. She was welcoming and open and instantly put me at ease. Once things began, I was completely hypnotized. Seeing her again tomorrow, which is my first back to back visit with the same provider.
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