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  1. You are still the top SP I have encountered. I appreciate your privacy and not being plastered everywhere. Can't wait to see you again!
  2. Is she actually 27? I have seen mixed reviews.
  3. I have met with @Tina Snow in Charlottetown if you want to DM me
  4. Chatted with Hailey aka Callie May, a gorgeous short-haired spinner, a few times prior to booking, always very pleasant and quick to respond. Very upfront about rates, times, and included activities. Room was clean and well-stocked in a convenient location. I won't get into too many details, but she is the real deal. Was very open to everything I wanted and really seemed to enjoy herself. Great body, pics and age are legit. Truly one of the most skilled and receptive companions I have visited. She is on the higher side for rates, especially for Charlottetown, but her skills could take down any visiting SP. Will be going back as often as I can to explore a bit more of the darker edges of my interests. This is not a vanilla, experience. The rates are inclusive of certain activities that you would pay much more for. Full disclaimer - I did not partake in full service. Please message for any details you may be interested in, would love to share!! Thanks!
  5. Hi there, Any real companions available in Charlottetown, today at 12:15 for 30 minutes? LL is a spam wasteland at the moment. 39 male
  6. Just had a lovely 60 minutes with Miss Stephanie Mystique. Super friendly, complimentary, and authentic (or a great actress, but if so she deserves an Oscar). Will book again!
  7. Saw Cindy this afternoon for a Nuru massage and left very happy. Cindy is a kind, caring, and passionate companion that instantly puts you at ease. No clock or shot watching. 10/10 would visit again.
  8. Brooklyn, if you see this can you send me a message (Grey Goose with a Nova 7 chaser)? I cleared my messages but wanyed to to save yours for the next time I'm in town.
  9. (I'm very high and this +60 min from end of visit Killed it B, can't wait till our paths cross again. I feel like I made a great connection with Brooklyn. One of the sweetest girls I've met in ANY industry. An expert in her craft. Someone I was left wanting to know more about and who I will often think of often. Much love, M
  10. Anyone have any experience with the current assortment of Asian gala on LL? Don't want to get caught in a bait and switch or human trafficking swindle.
  11. This was me and our private messaging devolved into some craziness. She said she is 11 weeks pregnant and doing cke and almost died of a fentanyl OD 2 weeks ago. This is a sad crash and burn story. She seemed to resent the advice more experienced providers offered her but wanted to end up in their position. Also providers, she was providing real names of SW's in Charlottetown and Moncton so stay away.
  12. What's the deal with these scam ads always saying there's a new girl in Montague? Is anyone legit on the board right now other than. @Cheeky.charand Sasha French?
  13. Saw her a couple months ago and she was great. Gorgeous, attentive, skilled.
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