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  1. She is great. I agree with what my friends here have written.
  2. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/prince-edward/charlottetown_just_arrived_to_charlottetown_miss_georgia_deals-7652297?source=list This ad belongs to Veronica aka Hanna,aka Chloe aka Mr Chrissy . She keeps changing her name and ad because is giving HERPES and chlamydia/gonorrhea. She is giving out clients names and numbers. She found me and my wife on Facebook and wrote my wife as well. Stay away
  3. Did not have the same experience .
  4. I too would be interested in an orgyy
  5. I to would like more info
  6. I use to see Jenn she isn't around anymore unfortunately. But EverleighMay is a very amazing woman. I also found out she has a couple friends that she works with as well . I will be seeing ms Chrissy today as EverleighMay is not available today.
  7. I had a time getting ahold of miss EverleighMay but that wait was definitely worth it . EverleighMay is an beautiful girl very sweet and skilled . I booked a hour with her for our first encounter, wished I booked more so I ask her when our time was up if I could book more time with her and she was very accommodating I ended up staying for 3+ hours. I have never met anyone quite like EverleighMay she is absolutely gorgeous and kind, I mentioned I skipped lunch and the girl cooked for me the best steak and eggs I've ever had in my life . I will be seeing EverleighMay on a weekly basis for much needed love and a home cooked meal .
  8. I've been told EverleighMay is in her mid 30's . I've seen her and I find it hard to believe people think she's in her 30's she looks maybe 23 tops
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