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  1. Let me keep this short and to the point. I am new to the city and was lucky enough to have falllen into her hands. She can be remembered in a 6 letter word : L E G E N D 🤩 Looking for fun, intimecy, and excitement, welp look no further. She is simply put > AMAZING. Get your umbrellas ready as she sits on the throne as the squirt queen💦. First timers, dw ur in safe hands. Caution!! You might develop AVA addiction as that what fortunately happened to me 😉. Wondering why she doesn't show her face in the ads, cuz she's gonna stun you in real life. Love you more than anything, XOXO😘
  2. Peggys Cove Is a nice place if you have car. The wooden monkey restaurant is an amazing pick with an awesome view
  3. Morning, but not very early. You have all the stamina and starting ur day fresh.
  4. Ava marieeeeeee, she's gonna give u the best first you would dream of. No pressure no tension, just pleasure.
  5. They definitely look amazing as long as there is no significant contrast between the skin tones which makes it less sexy
  6. Always recommend a 1 h sessions as this makes you and the provider feel more comfortable and less tensioned that ooh I have a couple of mins left we need to rush from the beginning
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