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  1. also the Grey cup, Super bowl, Stanley Cup playoffs, Raptors winning NBA title Nuclear war
  2. DwayneR

    Hope - Osborne Village

    “Into the Music” used records and a YES t-shirt
  3. DwayneR

    Nancy from River Ave

    Maybe he lives across the hallway, or he’s the UPS guy who takes hour breaks? “What can brown do for you”
  4. DwayneR


    . . . . . . . . . 😂
  5. DwayneR

    Sophia - New kijiji 8176

    She should get together with the 30 girls working at the 832 Notre Dame location.
  6. DwayneR


    This is Krystal that works for Shu of South pointe massage. There’s lots of posts on here about her.
  7. DwayneR

    kijji 4202

    Also my penis description?
  8. DwayneR

    Sacred massage

    They got laid off due to slow business.
  9. DwayneR

    Sacred massage

    Did you actually go and ask? I have never asked I just walk or stay.
  10. Hmm from 300 now down to 250. Might be a while until she hits my budget. But good for her if she can get that though.
  11. DwayneR

    North main

    It would be great if they brought in Jenny from the block.
  12. DwayneR

    Cypress Ridge

    I can confirm Horndog66’s review. Her age I’m not sure. She’s a nice lady. The room was clean and warm. But I found her very boring. No connection and won’t repeat.
  13. DwayneR


    @ broadway the paper sheets turn me off. Reminds me of my butcher shop.
  14. DwayneR


    Isn’t Joti aka past Simi Spa owner that filmed a customer and got in trouble?
  15. DwayneR

    311 Pembina Hwy

    Where’s the good bbq pork near by?😁