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  1. I avoid visiting the ones on the DND list. Their not on my radar. DND = Do Not Disturb
  2. At interview part, when your discussing the massage. I have had about 3-4 RMT’s initially say leave your underwear on. Which I replied “oh ok” Right away they all say “don’t worry about it.” I don’t know why they do this?
  3. No the counts are too high. Over 1700+ new Winnipeg cases a day. Dr. Atwol thinks the real daily count for Manitoba is closer to 14,000 new cases a day. I only go out for groceries and that’s it these days. And I’m thinking of ordering them on line.
  4. Try https://www.lastminutemassage.ca/c/winnipeg
  5. Part of the problem was created by Kijiji management. Many years ago when Backpage was shut down. Kijiji was worried they were next. So they decided only RMTs could advertise on Kijiji. Even though almost no legitimate RMTs advertise on there. So MPs who rely heavily on Kijiji for free advertising, simply put in all their ads that they are RMTs so they could continue to advertise for free. Some MPs can get you a receipt but like you said it’s on shady side. A much better source for true RMTs is https://mtam.mb.ca/ Or Google “last minute massage Winnipeg” there links to each websites
  6. An easy way to avoid her, is that most of her kk ads say open 24 hours. She copies other legit RMT ads, from other cities including the pictures of the massage room.
  7. What if your COVID passport doesn’t match your hobby name? 😬 (mines Betty5)
  8. The papers sheets on a roll at Broadway remind me too much of the butcher paper or the doctors office.
  9. Better bring some sand paper. That glory hole, looks a little rough around the edges.
  10. It also works on ducks from oil spills
  11. Thanks for posting Mr Dube. What a shit show! Claiming sex on insurance is fraud. Just asking for trouble. (can I please have a receipt to show the LE?) It all started with that nut Wowk. And his wife In a selfie with Trudeau. Like Wtf! Way too much attention.
  12. Sometimes Shu would complain about her sore back during our session. So after I would ask her if she wanted me to work on her back. She would say yes and get on the table.
  13. For free? Well thats easy. Become a father and pull your own hair out.
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