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  1. DwayneR


    No and I won’t repeat. But who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe it was a YMMV thing?
  2. DwayneR

    Prairie Lotus Tantra

    I just noticed, She now has a 200.00 to 300.00 options I don’t see the difference other than more money lol “My guidelines are that there is no mutual touch (ie: touching me)I wear gloves for any genital touchThere is no sexual intercourse, or oral stimulation of either partyAt minimum and upon request I wear only shorts during the sessionAny boundaries set before the start of the session will not be changed during the session. No exceptions. (This includes the time duration) ” I found the breath coaching very annoying. All the mysterious hippie jargon was distracting. The massage was average, light pressure no deep tissue. The only good thing was the room was +40c. On a very cold day. Won’t repeat. There are Much better options out there.
  3. DwayneR

    Most fun?

    Crystal at 741 was always fun. And Shu we had some great laughs when she first started out. Also Kitty whose gone, always had fun. Sara always very easy going, pleasant and fun.
  4. DwayneR

    311 Pembina Hwy

    That’s Lucy. Great Massge undraped face down draped face up very little accidental touching. But there is some. On the inner thigh, knee to groin massage. She over shoots lol. Saw her many times no extra.
  5. DwayneR


    I do, but sorry only to myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. also the Grey cup, Super bowl, Stanley Cup playoffs, Raptors winning NBA title Nuclear war
  7. DwayneR

    Nancy from River Ave

    Maybe he lives across the hallway, or he’s the UPS guy who takes hour breaks? “What can brown do for you”
  8. DwayneR


    . . . . . . . . . 😂
  9. DwayneR

    Sophia - New kijiji 8176

    She should get together with the 30 girls working at the 832 Notre Dame location.
  10. DwayneR


    This is Krystal that works for Shu of South pointe massage. There’s lots of posts on here about her.
  11. DwayneR

    kijji 4202

    Also my penis description?
  12. DwayneR

    Sacred massage

    They got laid off due to slow business.
  13. DwayneR

    Sacred massage

    Did you actually go and ask? I have never asked I just walk or stay.
  14. Hmm from 300 now down to 250. Might be a while until she hits my budget. But good for her if she can get that though.