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Sex workers say Canada’s laws put them in danger — and demand the new government fix them

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It would be nice if the Liberals took a stand on the issue and repeal the law, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s too much of a political hot potato, and does not seem to garner any votes. The best we can hope for is another constitutional court challenge which may ultimately result in the current law being struck down. Only problem is, we could be dead by then! 😂 lol

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I just can't get over the fact that sex between two consenting adults is perfectly legal, but when the transaction becomes monetized, it's suddenly considered wrong and shameful by some.  As long as lawmakers consider us to all be victims, and clients, predators, things will never change.  Laws based on morality rather than a person's rights is outdated and just plain wrong.  I am referring to consensual sex work, not situations where one is coerced or trafficked against their will to do sex work.


Abortion, being gay, and same sex marriage were all illegal at one time.  Consensual sex work should be decriminalized already!

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