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Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

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I had a request on twitter for pix with my hair covering my nipples. Thanks to Trump's Sesta/Fosta or whatever its called, we can no longer post nipples without the risk of being banned. Some risk it, I dont. So i usually put stars or hearts over topless pix. So this guy suggested I use my hair and I felt dumb for never having thought of it, in the time since the ban.

Well I thought Id give you guys a chuckle, showing you the bloopers in between the final shot. Enjoy and feel free to mock me lol



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Its not allowing me to put more up lol Sorry! I guess this is a new feature. We used to be able to post several pix. Oh well. I did promise fripples and I will bring them but I think it needs me to wait for another day or until someone posts in between. Sorry about that!!!



xoxo xxx

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Thought of you guys here in this tread doing my last photoshoot 💋


Should probably pop this in the itty bitty titty group as well.

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