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    Come and inspect my tan lines 😍 My end of summer availability Monday August 29th Tuesday August 30 Wednesday August 31 Text 613-876-1415 (preferred) Email [email protected] Website sashamayfields.ca Kisses 💋 SMF
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    I like gentlemen who are kind, thoughtful, gentlemen of all shapes and sizes and income brackets . Those who appreciate a woman and all she encompasses, the whole package. Those gentlemen who take your feelings into account, who see beyond the exterior and want to experience you not just as an object but as a human being, those who don't seek perfection but want to help you be better. Those who are aware that we try hard to please them and are thankful for us and are aware that we sometimes make mistakes and forgive us for them. Thatsmy type.
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    Sadly it is true. RG passed sometime around the 3rd of July.
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